Yuri Zhirkov’s wife Inna Zhirkova

We continue the cycle of interviews with the wives and girls of the Russian national team players. In them we ask 15 identical questions, receive different answers and learn about the life of those who will defend the honor of our country this Saturday. Today is the turn of the wife of defender Yuri Zhirkov – Inna.

1. How did you meet?

I’ve been so many times in an interview answered this question that she was sure that everyone knows our love story and how we met. This year Yura and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary and had a lot of fun with our friends – we were breaking dishes for good luck in one of the restaurants, haha.

2. The main thing, for what do you value Yuri?

It is difficult not to appreciate it and it is very difficult to describe it in a few words. The most important thing for me and our whole family: Yura is a wonderful father and husband.

3. How is he alone with you? What makes it different from a public image?

I can say that in public he will never show pain and his feelings. And at home he can be different – cheerful, sad, he can throw out any emotions. The house is for that, so that you can be yourself. But I can’t say that Yura, alone with me and in public, are two different people. In general, he is a rather modest person – a very rare quality in our time.

4. Yuri’s biggest flaw?

He may not always remind people to pay back their debts, haha.

5. Continue the phrase: few people know, but my husband is good at …

Play tennis and billiards!

6. The last gift from your spouse?

You know, gifts are not about my husband at all, he is not at all a romantic person. But he will buy everything I need. Recently, by the way, from a training camp in Austria, he brought me two packs of my favorite perfume. It was very unexpected.

7. How is your husband cool as a football player?

In football, Yura gives everything one hundred percent, does not violate the regime, can play through pain, which has happened more than once in his career. Football for him is life and love. He is one of the most titled players in our country. It’s incredibly cool to play in a top club and in the Russian national team at the age of 37. He is our pride!

8. Where and with whom will you watch the European Championship?

The kids and I try not to miss a single match with Yura. When the World Championship was held in Russia, we followed it to different cities. This time we plan to watch the game at the stadium, despite the fact that it will start late. We go together with Yulia Baranovskaya and our children, and for two we have six of them. Therefore, a large support group is planned.

9. Are you planning to go to other games?

Now it is already known for sure that I plan to be at the games on June 12 and 16, and then we will see.

10. Personal forecast: how will Russia perform at the Euro?

It is always difficult to make predictions, but judging by how actively the team trains, I am sure that Russia should perform well! We believe in them!

11. How did Yuri react when he found out that he was included in the application for Euro 2020?

He reacted calmly, with a smile on his face – this is not his first championship in the national team, but for him it is always pride!

12. What does he say about the upcoming championship? How worried?

In this regard, Yura is rather silent, after all, deeds are better than words. He does not talk about his experiences, keeps everything inside himself, tunes in to victories, trains a lot. Preparing, in a word.

13. With whom does the husband communicate best in the national team? And who are you girls players with?

Yura most of all communicates with Magomed Ozdoev – both in Zenit and in the national team. I’m from the old guard, haha. Among my friends: Larisa Pavlyuchenko, Evgenia Torbinskaya, Masha Pogrebnyak, Ekaterina Shirokova, we all communicate well.

14. The night before an important game in your family – what is it like?

Quiet, calm, we communicate with Yura on the phone, we wish the whole family good luck.

15. What would you like to wish your husband for Euro?

I want to wish not only my husband, but all the players – that everything goes without injuries! And good luck to our team!


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