Young man is missing – request for help

No. 1368
With the publication of a photo, the criminal investigation department of Directorate 1 (North) asks for help in the search for a missing person. The 23-year-old Mario Radovanovic has been missing since Tuesday, June 22, 2021. According to the investigations so far, the young man left the apartment of a friend in Schmitzweg in Wittenau in the morning and left behind personal items such as wallet, ID card and mobile phone. He is said to be in a psychologically unstable state at the moment and presumably need medical help. There are indications of suicidal intentions on the part of the missing person.

Personal description:

  • 180 to 185 cm tall
  • hagere Figure
  • short dark hair
  • dressed in a white t-shirt with dark blue stripes, gray shorts, and a gray hoodie
  • Tattoos: Inside left wrist the word “love” in Cyrillic, left calf image outline of a dog, right calf image outline of a cat, torso, land outline of Alaska

The criminal investigation department asks:

  • Who has seen the missing person since June 22, 2021?
  • Who can provide information about their current whereabouts?
  • Who can provide other relevant information?

Please send information to the criminal police at Directorate 1 (North) in 13437 Berlin-Wittenau, Am Nordgraben 7, on the telephone number (030) 4664-173411 or to the permanent detective service on (030) 4664-171100 or to any other police station.


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