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The recharge network that Ford is implementing in the dealerships of the brand in the United States has begun its expansion throughout the country. With a design suspiciously similar to that of Tesla’s Superchargers, the manufacturer of the oval wants to add this recharging option to the one it already offers with its agreements with Electrify America in the United States and with Ionity in Europe. A way to start your own network that for now, unlike that of the Californian manufacturer it is not fast recharging, that is, it does not use direct current.

Leaving aside the almost forgotten electric Ford Focus, the manufacturer of the blue oval has advanced in recent years in its offer of electric models with the launch of the Mustang Mach-E and the future launch of the F pick-up. -150 electric, which in the United States should be an almost safe bet, with the permission of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T. In addition, Ford will offer 18 electrified models by the end of 2021. The next models to hit the market will have an electrified version. The company promises to electrify all future vehicles that hit the market.

To facilitate your recharging on the road you need a powerful network to support them. Ford announced that it would begin the construction of its own fast charging network by deploying its own stations at dealerships. But since this is not enough, it also has important partnerships with Electrify America in the United States and Ionity in Europe. However, relying on third-party companies to offer customers such an important service can backfire as a sales argument, despite being the model adopted by most manufacturers.

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Lincoln’s Charger on the left (Source: Reddit) and Tesla’s Supercharger on the right.

In 2019, Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand, launched a new charging station, with a design very similar to Tesla’s Superchargers that, in addition to serving the electric cars that are launched under this brand, would also serve to charge the Ford models. Last year, Ford introduced its own charging network for the first time. Registered the trademark FastorCharge that under the heading “charging station services for electric vehicles, battery charging services, vehicle service stations”, it would become the future “Ford Superchargers”.

Now, the manufacturer has started the implementation of these new charging stations in its dealerships. One of them is located in a Delaware dealership, which is to which the photos published by the user of Twitter @marcoRPTesla. The charging posts retain the same resemblance to those of the Tesla Supercharger series, although several differences are evident.

The first is the LocationWhile Tesla places them at strategic points on highways and expressways, Ford only installs them at dealerships. And it does so because these charging points do not supply direct current as in the case of Superchargers and therefore they are not fast recharging.

When he saw the reasonable resemblance of Ford stations to their own Superchargers, Javier Verdura, Tesla’s director of product design, called them a “fake, unnecessarily large and poorly executed imitation of our design.”

Tesla’s economic model

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Ford has decided to copy the design but not the business model of Tesla with its Superchargers. This network has been and is recognized as the best fast recharge network in the world. Tesla accompanied the sale of its electric cars with the best property experience you could offer. A fast, free, well-distributed network that had no pretense of becoming a line of business and profit for the company.

Their purpose was to locate them in those places that allowed them to make long-distance trips, avoiding long waiting times for their clients who also had information about each of the points in the navigator of their cars.

Later, Tesla began to charge for recharges in order to be able to maintain the network and in a short time, it is very possible that it will be opened to third parties, which will mean a change in the exclusive concept of the network. Tesla seems to have decided over time that it is time for his large investment to return.


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