You are our teacher!

Teachers! They are like light on the way,
What a fiery heart is needed
Have it in your chest so that people can carry light,
So that his trace could not be erased forever!
And how to measure their work, you ask
Millions have a people’s army.
There are many ascetics in Russia,
But there is no wiser and nobler than them!

Today the country is changing before our eyes, and the school is changing too. The life of a modern teacher is no less dynamic than the life of society. The profession of a teacher requires from a person not only great knowledge, but also spiritual strength, endurance and even courage. But no matter how society changes, the work of a teacher will always be that high mission, thanks to which society will have a future, and students will say to their teacher: “You are our teacher!” And these words are joined by the pupils of Natalya Stepanovna Kishkinova, the primary school teacher of the secondary school №7. They congratulate their first teacher on the anniversary in their messages, paper and electronic, which convey love, respect, and warmth. The lines breathe with genuine sincerity: “To the kindest teacher …”, “Thank you for your attention and care”, “Thank you for your lessons”, “Thank you for your work and patience”, “We will never forget you” … It is difficult to overestimate as simplicity and sincerity children’s hearts, and the warmth of memories of already accomplished young people: the treatment of broken noses, the absence of boring moralizing, sensitivity to the one who has stumbled and attention to joy in the heart. Just as touching is still the first memory of his teacher:

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– Here we are, first graders, waiting for our first lesson and standing in the hall in front of the office. At the same time, we are trying to remember the very difficult patronymic of the first teacher. And I give out: “Somehow with the letter“ F ”. Oh, Stepaaanovna! ” So many years have passed, and the feelings are still vivid. ” And every graduate remembers and appreciates the teacher’s work and patience, when Natalya Stepanovna tried to pass on her experience, her knowledge to them, she wanted her students to achieve success in the future. And the secret is simple: a teacher is a person who can make difficult things easy, which Natalya Stepanovna brilliantly did. What helped her? Her composure, pedantry, prudence and responsibility, spiritual generosity and nobility. With Natalya Stepanovna it was easy for the student, and parents, and colleagues, and friends, because she never shared people, treated everyone evenly and kindly, was ready to help, never held any grudge, remaining always and everywhere a Teacher … As Natalya Stepanovna herself noted:

– A teacher is a person who should be interested in another person! The teacher should monitor the growth of the child, he should be pleased with successes, his achievements, his joys, he should be upset at his troubles, be upset at his defeats, mistakes, help him overcome – all this comes from interest in this person.

And therefore, being a real teacher is the talent, the talent of Natalya Stepanovna, who illuminates her students with warmth and sets her main goal – to make them happy people.

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Dear Natalya Stepanovna! Please accept our sincere congratulations! On this festive, jubilee day, we want to express our deep respect and admiration! People are always drawn to you, you find the right words and advice for everyone, you do not refuse help and participation to anyone. You have a big golden heart, with the warmth of which you warm everyone who is near. Thank you for your wisdom and spiritual beauty, care and indifference. Please accept my wishes for good health, material well-being, joy and happiness, grateful, understanding, sympathetic students, parents and colleagues!



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