Yankees still can’t find their identity

The Major League season in 2021 remains difficult for the New York Yankees. The team seems unable to find a winning rhythm and consistency in different aspects of the game. Several comment that the Bronx Bombers as such do not have an identity in this campaign. Is this true? Let’s analyze it.

The Yankees in these first 65 games they have played, whether due to injuries or moves by Aaron Boone himself, do not have a stable or constant lineup. The lack of ninth-caliber left-handed bats is something that makes them predictable and vulnerable in many cases. Historically, those from the Bronx have always been characterized by having high quality left-handed bats on their roster, but this season that is not the case.

From a hitting point of view, the Yankees went from being a team that set a record for home runs in a season, to not now being among the first in that department, however, many of their players sport the similar characteristic of swinging only. Looking at the stands and the strikeout rate per game, it’s the highest in franchise history.

When it comes to the small game, Boone and company are not known for putting speed as a function of offense. The Yankees are slow on the bases and lead the league in double play hits.

When it comes to pitching, the starters have done a decent job, but they rank 12th in effectiveness. Corey Kluber got off to a slow start and then when he got into his stride and even got his no-hitter, he got hurt. Jameson Taillon has not been meeting their expectations and Jordan Montgomery and Domingo Germán have their ups and downs. Even ace Gerrit Cole has seen a few outings where he’s been hit.

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The bullpen is the best of the team. They are fourth in average earned runs and it seems that in that aspect they can support each other to maintain advantages. The big problem? The Yankees rarely arrive winning after the seventh inning and that incredible ability that has characterized them to overcome games that are lost in the last innings, in this 2021 it has not happened.

Everything is lost? Definitely not. There are 97 games to play and the human material is there. High-powered, high-caliber hitters are still active on the roster and can go into impressive hitting streaks from one moment to the next. Luke Voit appears to be returning from his injury and the Bronx are hopeful that Judge’s discomfort is not serious. However, the need for a left-handed bat to play in the outfield is paramount, as is, from my point of view, getting a starter or two on the trade date.

Cashman has work ahead of him. The big question is whether to wait for the transfer deadline or get ahead of it, since considering the kind of season the Rays are playing, it could be too late for July 30 before 4pm. Are changes coming? I think so. It remains to be seen how quickly they are achieved.

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