Without women: polygamer Kody Brown wants a house to himself!

Ouch, Kody Brown (52) encounters resistance with these plans! In the popular TV show “Sister Wives” (in Germany: All my women), viewers get impressions of the life of the American with his wives Robyn (43), Janelle (52) and Meri (50). The fourth member, Christine (49), separated from the head of the family at the beginning of November. Soon the other relationships will also be put to the test due to a spatial separation: Kody wants to build a house on his property in Arizona – just for herself!

Dedicated to this plan Codes viewers now in a new episode of the 16. “Sister Wives”-Season one. Accordingly, he plans to divide the property in Arizona into several parcels. “I want to do five sections and keep one of them to myself”, emphasized the 52-year-old and justified himself: “You all have your own house, why shouldn’t I have my own house too?”

Kodys However, the project was anything but well received by his partners: “I think it’s silly that Codes wants to have his own house “Robyn complained. And Christine – who has since separated from the American – vented her anger: “What a waste of money!”

Kody Brown with his wives Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle

Instagram / christine_brownsw

Kody Brown with his wives Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle
Realitystar Kody BrownRealitystar Kody Brown

Instagram / janellebrown117

Realitystar Kody Brown
Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown und Robyn Brown in Beverly Hills, 2010

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