Who is Jang Ki Young from ‘My Neighbor is Gumiho’ 🏡

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Fan of Dragon Pearls, lemon tea and unusual massage 🤩


  • Age: 28 years old (08/07/1992)

  • Place of Birth: Ulsan city, South Korea

  • Zodiac sign: Lev

  • Chinese zodiac sign: A monkey

  • Blood type: B

  • Height: 187 centimeters

  • Religion: not

  • A family: parents and older brother

  • Hobby: hiking, watching movies, listening to music

  • Favorite drinks: black tea or lemon tea

  • Favorite Anime Character: Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

  • Main treasure: family and mobile phone

  • Instagram: @juanxkui

photo: @juanxkui

© Courtesy: Elle Girl
photo: @juanxkui

Jang Ki Young’s early years 👼

We know little about the actor’s childhood, but in one of his interviews he said that the child was reserved and rather an introvert. Talking alone with someone for Jang Ki Young was very difficult, exhausting occupation 😌 With age, he was able to cope with such “blocks”, because Jang Ki Young started his career with modeling. And there, as you know, you have to communicate with people often and a lot 😊

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Career start: modeling business ✨

Jang Ki Young revealed that Lee Soo Hyuk inspired him to work as a model. Jang Ki Young made his catwalk debut in 2012 during Seoul Fashion Week. From that moment on, the young man was regularly offered to work with major brands. In January 2014, Jang Ki Young won the Best Model at the Asian Model Awards 🤩 That same year, Jang Ki Young was cast in the drama It’s All Right, It’s Love along with fellow agency Lee Sung Kyung 😉

“It’s okay, this is love” 🥰

The unusual drama (almost for adults) is the debut for actor Jang Ki Young. He appeared in a small cameo, but immediately caught the eyes of the audience. Well, remember the seventh episode: there our hero as boyfriend Oh So Nee (Lee Sung Kyung) picks up a girl on a moped 😄 Just a few seconds, but what kind of look he has there. Oh!

“Decent Couple” and “My Ajossi” ⭐

Since 2017, Jang Ki Young has been slowly gaining popularity. He landed a minor role as an undergraduate in The Worthy Couple, and then appeared in My Ajosshi in the negative role of loan shark Lee Gwa Nil. He’s a real bad guy in this drama, but with a painful past 💔

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For this role, Jang Ki Young revisited many gangster crime films to get a better feel for the character. Jang Ki-young calls his participation in this project “an amazing experience.”

Jang Ki Young in A Decent Couple

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Jang Ki Young in A Decent Couple

© Courtesy: Elle Girl
Jang Ki Young in “My Ajosshi”

“Kill” 🔫

In 2019, Jang Ki Young starred in the drama Kill. His character is Kim So Hyun. He is a veterinarian and animal fanatic during the day, and at night – one of the most dangerous killers on Earth. Catching him is unrealistic: Kim So Hyun fulfills every order quickly, clearly and without the slightest trace of his presence. Detective Do Hyun Jin (Nana) decided to confront the killer, in whose hands the investigation turns to the bloody path of Kim So Hyun’s activities.

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Bad Boys 🤬

Jang Ki Young made his first appearance on the big screens in the movie Bad Boys, a full-length version of the TV series of the same name. According to the plot, a detective with an unusual approach to investigations gathers a team of notorious criminals to fight the yakuza by any means. Jang Ki Young plays ex-police officer Ko Yun Sun, one of the members of the Korean Suicide Squad.

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“Born Again” 🤗

Imagine that you have the opportunity to work with one of the people whom you were inspired by at the very beginning of your journey. Jang Ki Young has this dream come true: in this drama, he starred opposite Lee Soo Hyuk, who inspired him to become a model 😍

The three main actors play two incarnations of their heroes: from the past and from the present. The drama is inspired by the idea of ​​reincarnating souls, and it also has a lot of romance and funny skirmishes between the characters of Lee Soo Hyuk and Jang Ki Young 😁

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“My neighbor is kumiho” 🔥

So we got to the most straightforward! Now the drama “My Neighbor is Kumiho” is broadcasting with might and main, continuing the trend of mythical foxes with extraordinary abilities ✨ According to the plot, the same Kumiho Shin Woo Yeo is almost 1000 years old, and an ordinary student Li Dam accidentally becomes his neighbor.

👉 Interesting point: the heroes can’t just go their separate ways, because the girl swallowed the pearl that tied her to Shin Woo Yeo

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“Sweet and sour” 🍭

On June 4, 2021, a new film premiered, where you can see Jang Ki Young as Jang Hyuk. The guy faced a serious illness – hepatitis B. The film tells the difficult love story of Zhang Hyuk and nurse Da Young, who took care of him in the hospital, despite his dangerous diagnosis.

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Other interesting films and dramas starring Jang Ki Young

  • Enter a Search Word: WWW (2019) – Drama

  • Achieving Sincerity (2019) – Drama

  • Come and Hug Me (2018) – drama

  • The Boy Next Door (2017) – drama

  • The Little Mermaid (2014) – Drama

Jang Ki Young’s personal life 💖

At the end of this May, the actor was actively suspected of having an affair with former professional gymnast Song Young Jae. Rumors emerged after a series of photographs of the same Busan views posted on the couple’s social networks. Jang Ki Young’s agency denies not only the very fact of the relationship, but also the actor’s acquaintance with the gymnast.

In 2018, netizens actively discussed the likelihood of romance between Jang Ki Young and actress Lee Ye Na. The fact is that the couple went on a trip to Thailand, where they took a photo together. YG Entertainment did not deny anything here, but noted that the couple had already broken up.

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Son Yong Zhe, photo: @yeonjae_son

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Son Yong Zhe, photo: @yeonjae_son

Li E Na, photo: @ s2 ___ l

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Li E Na, photo: @ s2 ___ l

Well, are you waiting for the borders to open and fly to conquer Jang Ki Young’s heart? 😂 Then you will definitely need these 20 important and interesting facts about him!

1. Before going to bed, Jang Ki Young listens to his favorite music and thinks only of good things to set himself up for the next day 🎶

2. If Jang Ki Young could be reborn, he would choose the life of a foreigner

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3. Jang Ki Young considers acupuncture (therapy with needles) and meridian massage (relieving physical and emotional stress) to be the best remedies for healthy skin 👌

4. Jang Ki Young’s ideal type is a charming girl who knows how to properly manage her time and does not forget about the voice of her heart. She should also have a radiant smile and love for sports 😇

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5. Jang Ki Young was called Jang Ji Raf and Dinosaur as a child 🐱🐉

6. Jang Ki Young thinks his best part-time job is working in a cafe. You can meet new people there 🥰

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7. Jang Ki Young dreams of going to New York. As a child, the actor loved to watch the movie “Home Alone” and would really like to visit the places associated with this picture 🗽

8. What would Jang Ki Young eat every day? Any food prepared by his mom 💖

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9. As a child, Jang Ki Young wanted to become a doctor or pharmacist

10… Jang Ki Young’s favorite color is green 💚

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