Which states will end weekly unemployment benefits on June 12?

One hundred dollar bills.

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One hundred dollar bills.

During the first half of March, the Government of the American Union approved the ‘American Rescue Plan’, a new economic rescue with relief for him coronavirus.

Among its main benefits, it stands out the extension of aid to unemployment, which consists of a weekly payment of $ 300 dollars on the regular unemployment benefits and that, supposedly, would be in force Until September 6.

And it is that, because applications for coronavirus unemployment assistance have started to decline significantly, and as the country advances in the post-pandemic recovery, at least 23 states of the American Union have made the decision to end this federal subsidy.

Which states will end weekly unemployment benefits on June 12?

States that already They will NOT offer unemployment assistance from $ 300 per week from this June 12 they are Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri.

According to the authorities of these states, in addition to the reasons already mentioned, the decision to remove the aid It comes because of the “labor shortage”, as certain companies have begun to complain about the lack of workers.

When does the $ 300 unemployment benefit expire in other states?

As for the rest of the states that have chosen to withdraw the $ 300 supplemental unemployment assistance, the expiration dates are as follows:

  • 19th of June: Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia y Wyoming
  • June 26th: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas y Utah
  • June 27th: Montana
  • June 30th: South Carolina
  • 3rd of July: Maryland y Tennessee
  • July 10th: Arizona
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The states that do not appear in the list, They will continue to distribute the aid normally until next September 6, although of course, there are some where the requirements have already changed and active proof of job search is required, Therefore, in case of any doubt or require more information, We recommend that you contact your state Department of Labor directly.

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