where they are classified according to price, fees and cancellations

With Americans returning to the skies and finally beginning to travel again after a year of restrictions, the normal annoyances of air travel have also returned, including noisy passengers, flight delays, and high ticket costs, who take a flight have already found reasons to remember why they did not enjoy flying in the first place.

The airlines themselves were forced to deal with record losses in 2020 due to the pandemic and travel restrictions keeping people at home, but since restrictions began to ease and travelers have been forced to vacation once again, Many have been wondering how to find the best company to book their flights. Now, The Points Guy has published an annual report with their findings on which airlines are the best.

In terms of reliability, experience, cost, and loyalty, these airlines are the ones that made the top 10.

In first place was Delta, with 67.93 out of 100 points in the ranking, they ranked first in terms of the number of passengers that were eliminated from their flights due to overbooking and the availability of VIP lounges at airports, and They also ranked in the top half of the best performing countries in customer satisfaction and their extensive route network.On the downside, their higher ranking in service margins also translated into higher prices, and the airline finished in last place in the category.

Rounding out the top five airlines are Southwest, United, Alaska, and American, with higher scores in each for different categories. Southwest earned high marks for punctuality, customer satisfaction, low baggage / change fees, and its rewards program, while United also performed well on punctuality and ranked first in their route network and frequent flyer program, however, they did not fare as well in customer satisfaction as they finished near the bottom.

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As for the other two in the top five, Alaska Airlines scores well for lounges and customer satisfaction, while American scored high on its family policies, customer satisfaction, route network, and frequent flyer programs. , their score was not so friendly when it came to mishandled luggage, which dropped them in last place.

For airlines that finished last, results varied in terms of overall scores. While Jetblue, which ranked sixth, finished first in cabin features, it was ranked as the No. worst when it comes to your luggage and exchange fees. Following behind them, Hawaiian Airlines did well with Timeliness and. Infobarcelona.cat Short news.

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