Western Conference. The accounts of the last day and what is at stake

Much to decide on Western Conference, with life and death matches between various teams that could improve their current position and explore their limits. There is practically nothing decided, and franchises as historic as Los angeles lakers O Golden State Warriors They arrive on this last day with a prevailing need to win. These are the most prominent accounts in the battles of the night:

1st place: Utah Jazz depends on himself and if he wins the Kings it will make it impossible for the Phoenix Suns to storm the lead. But if the Salt Lake City team lost, a win for the Arizona franchise would cause surprise.

3rd place: Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers arrive balanced, but the head to head favors those of Colorado, which depends on itself to tie the third position, although they have a difficult commitment against the Portland Trail Blazers

5th and 6th places: Three teams for two privileged positions that allow avoiding play-in. The Los Angeles Lakers have all the ballots to fall, but with a win against the Pelicans and a loss for the Portland Trail Blazers against the Nuggets, they would relegate the Oregon team to seventh place. The Dallas Mavericks could drop to sixth place at best if they lose to the Timberwolves and the Blazers win.

8th place: Direct duel between Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies for a position that gives a double chance of reaching the postseason. Whoever loses already knows that they will face the San Antonio Spurs with the home court factor in their favor.

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