Weekend guide: “Library Night” Bulgakov and Space

The weekend is ahead, and we will tell you how to spend it culturally and interestingly.

By tradition, residents of Novgorod will also join the annual action “Library Night”. Chitai-Gorod will open for one evening “Bad library”: here they will talk about Bulgakov and his immortal works, because in May it will be 130 years since the birth of the writer. The program includes a lecture by the historian Vladimir Varnaev, a lecture-conversation with priest Yevgeny Zaitsev on the novel “The Master and Margarita” about the attractiveness of evil and the boundaries of light, a master class by photographer Vladimir Shchelkanov “Experiments with light”, a master class on painting clothes from artist Olga Frolova , painting of masks with the artist Mikhail Danilov, choreographic study “The Flight of Margarita” by Vera Sablina and a show of the collection of corsets from the Annifecorset workshop and much more. Beginning on April 23 at 19:00 12+.


However, the official theme of the All-Russian “Library Night” this year is “The Book – the Way to the Stars.” In the Novgorod regional library as part of the action Chronotop suggest stopping time for a while and modifying space. On the evening of April 23, 12 thematic sites will work non-stop in the library, where interesting events await all those who are not sleeping. Film lovers are invited to the lecture “The Image of a Xenomorph in an American Horror Film”; those who wish to look into the future will be able to do this, guided by a map of the starry sky. At the Polygon site, guests will be introduced to the latest technologies. Fans of fantasy and science fiction will be able to take special routes of book quests. On the Vostok-1 site, it will be possible to travel 60 years ago, on the day of the first manned flight into space.

Brainstorming territories with contests and puzzles, interactive games, crossword puzzles will work throughout the evening. Only for guests of bibliochi-2021 – the anomalous cafe “Stalker”, the style-competition “Men in Black”, the “Out of the Earth” photo zone, space stories, as well as time loops, moon races, mysterious worlds and, by tradition, a universal literary show with the participation of the groups Shedda and A’cappella FM, Soul, teachers and students of the Rachmaninoff College of Arts. Start at 17 o’clock. 12+.


In the central city library named after D. M. Balashov, they were inspired by D. Adams’ book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Tomorrow will pass here “Gathering of Galactic Hitchhikers”, and the whole program will be devoted to space and hitchhiking: video lecture “Earthly space cinema before the first flight of an earthling into space” (hosted by Nikolai Velitsky), anthropologist and traveler Nadezhda Popova’s speech “30 stories of an earthly hitchhiker”, defile “Galactic fashion in earthly conditions “, the quest” The Mystery of Planet X “, etc. Prizes are promised for the best space suit and victory in the quest. 6+.

Novgorod Museum-Reserve invites Senior Researcher Vladimir Varnaev to a lecture “The sun of the Russian land”dedicated to the exhibition “Alexander Nevsky. The Legend of the Warrior “. Beginning April 24 at 14:00. 12+.

On the evening of April 24, history and photography lovers will meet at the information center of the Museum-Reserve (Sennaya Ploschad, 1) to go to the next “Night photo tour” with Anna and Vladimir Shchelkanov. Participants will have an exclusive tour of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior on Kovalev and a master class on night photography. Departure at 19:30. Tickets and information by phone: + 7-921-730-93-92. 12+.

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On April 23, at 16 o’clock in the library center “Chitai-gorod” (Mira, 1), a meeting with Nadezhda Popova, a renowned traveler, anthropologist and author of travel safety research. For almost 13 years of travel, she has traveled to more than 40 countries around the world, mostly by hitchhiking, alone and with a company, and is ready to tell Novgorodians about her amazing adventures. 12+.


Intellectual club “Skvoreshnya” invites you on April 24 at 13:00 to the fourth lecture by art critic Sergei Pukhachev on the topic “Art of the Northern Renaissance. Germany”.

A merry holiday will be held on April 25 on Onfimkina Polyanka near the Children’s Museum Center in the Kremlin “Fairy tale commotion” (0+). Round dances, songs, games, master classes and shadow theater await children. Beginning at 12 o’clock.


Adventure Bureau “53 Tours” invites to screening of Harry McQueen’s drama “Supernova. Full version”… The main roles in the film were played by two outstanding actors: Colin Firth (winner of the Academy Awards and Golden Globes) and Stanley Tucci (winner of three Emmy and two Golden Globes). The pianist Sam and the writer Tasker travel around England in their motorhome, visiting friends and family along the way, while battling the developing Tasker disease. Gradually, Sam realizes that this is their last journey together. Supernova is a powerful and moving story about the power of human love in the face of death. In the original version of the film, which was recently in the Russian box office, there was an abridged version of the film. Beginning on April 23 at 20 o’clock in the Novgorod cinema. 18+.


On Saturday “53 rounds” will show a joint project of the festival of Diana Vishneva Context, the Pushkin Museum and the Aksenov Family Foundation: film-ballet by Andrey Silvestrov “Blind” (12+). Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the context of world culture and analyze what they see from the point of view of integrating different types of art. The team of the “Cast” project was looking for visual images associated with the periods of fine art to which the halls of the museum selected for the film are dedicated. It was important for choreographers not only to feel the energy of the era and convey the sensations that arise when meeting with the works of art of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also to find a conceptually verified plastic embodiment of their ideas. Dance was born in the process of interaction with new music, hall spaces, exhibition objects and historical context. The operator did not just record what was happening: the videographer’s point of view was inscribed in the dance pattern and completely depended on the choreography. Beginning at 19 o’clock at the Novgorod cinema.

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Tonight at 19 o’clock at the Drama Theater named after F.M. Dostoevsky turn to the classics. In the play “Fathers and Sons” According to the novel by Ivan Turgenev, a generational conflict is inevitable, just as the drama of a person who does not know how to listen and listen to anyone but himself is inevitable. The eternal dispute between fathers and children about real values, feelings and reason, choice and fate has remained relevant for over 150 years. 12+.

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Theater-studio “Experiment” on April 24 at 16 o’clock will show a performance based on the play “Wolves and Sheep” Alexander Ostrovsky (12+). According to the theater, in the works of Ostrovsky, love passions are especially heightened, because in them love becomes a tool for achieving social status and wealth. The performance will take place in the small hall of the City Palace of Culture.


Art-living room “On Dvortsovaya” of the cultural center named after N.G. Vasilyeva on April 24 at 6 pm invites you to get acquainted with creativity writer and playwright Sholem Aleichem. It reflects the most lively and interesting features of the Jewish people, which today amaze with their tragedy, humor, musicality and genuine lyricism. About solo performance “Song of Songs” you can really say: “And laughter, and tears, and love”! 16+.

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The Maly Theater invites you to a play based on the play by the modern playwright Ivan Vyrypaev «UFO»… It is based on testimonies from people who have come into contact with UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations. However, a meeting with aliens is, first of all, an attempt to find a person in oneself and find out what involvement with the world, cognition or search for one’s own path in the universe is. Beginning on April 24 at 19:00, 18+.


On April 24, at 19:00, the F.M. Dostoevsky offers to evaluate a new reading of the story about a poor girl who was able to go to the ball thanks to the fairy godmother. “Cinderella. Saga. Dawn” – a fairy tale for adults, because the fairy-tale prince turns out to be a vampire, and Cinderella does not go to a wonderful ball at all, but to the celebration of the undead drinking human blood. 12+.

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Little spectators are expected on April 25 at 11 and 13 o’clock in the Maly Theater for a performance “Three Bears” (3+). The bear is the best childhood friend. He knows many different stories and is very fond of telling fairy tales. And if three bears come together, then there will be three times more fairy tales. Bears love fairy tales – about honey, about bees, about travel and … about airplanes.


Come with the whole family on April 25th for a fun fairy tale “The Secret of the Sorcerer Drago” (0+). This is the story of the beautiful girl Mariella and the wizard Antonio. They will have to cope with the spell of an evil sorcerer to be together. The Queen of Water, who herself fell in love with the handsome Antonio, also wants to prevent them. Heroes will go through many obstacles, but still love, loyalty and friendship will be able to overcome everything. Beginning at 12 noon.

Theater of the Young Spectator invites you to plunge into a fairy tale for the whole family “Thumbelina”… The adventures of a small but very brave girl who, having gone through many trials, found her happiness, will begin on April 25 at 12 o’clock in the small hall of the “Gorod” DKM. 0+.

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On Sunday evening, the drama theater will show a performance “The little Mermaid” directed by Polina Nevedomskaya. This is a story about selfless love, for which the heroine, without hesitation, sacrifices herself. Beginning at 19 o’clock, 6+.


The weekend concert program will be opened by the Novgorod group Belarusachka… The musicians chose Californian punk rock as the basis of their style – the most melodic, fiery and mischievous in rock music. Beginning today at 20 o’clock in the “Papa-Bar” club, admission is free. 18+.

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This Saturday in the club “Papa-Bar” there will be a rock festival CLUB’Ok featuring groups Implozia, Himia, Cardio Orchestra, No Light and Twenty Twelve. 16+.


April 24 at 17 o’clock male vocal group «Meloman» invites viewers to a solo concert “Beyond the Framework” to erase the boundaries of stereotypes and look at music in a new way. The audience will find live vocals, a variety of styles and trends, new sounding of famous songs, spectacular images and staging, musical discoveries. 6+.


The Cultural Center “Dialogue” and the Novgorod branch of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia are launching a joint project “Meetings at the Theater Salon”. It will be opened by an actress of the Novgorod Academic Drama Theater named after F.M. Dostoevsky Natalia Egorova… On April 24 at 5 pm she will present a poetic program based on poems by Nikolai Kolychev “Three words: I love you …”. 12+.

On April 24, at 6 pm, the State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble will perform at the Dialogue cultural center “Russia” named after Lyudmila Zykina… The ensemble preserves the unique singing traditions of Russia. Artistic director – Dmitry Dmitrienko, soloist – Irina Krutova. The program includes songs from the repertoire of Lyudmila Zykina, Valentina Tolkunova, Maya Kristalinskaya, Anna German, Lyudmila Gurchenko and Olga Voronets. 6+.

A concert will take place on Sunday at 15:00 in the cultural center “Dialogue” “Music of Spring”… The academic mixed choir of the city center of culture and leisure named after N.G. Vasilieva and the St. Petersburg vocal ensemble “Vesalika”. 0+.


On April 25 at 4 pm a concert of young, but already highly titled accordionists from St. Petersburg Evgenia Chirkova and Artem Malkhasyan will take place at the Dialogue «Double Expression»… This is an ensemble of soloists, a combination of two bright creative individuals, a union of already established musicians who have combined their skill and passion for music to achieve double expression and artistry. The program will feature music of all genres: from boring classics to the fiery rhythms of Spain and Argentina. 6+.


On Sunday at 4 pm, visitors to the Baza art space will meet with a songwriter in the acoustic rock genre Pavel Fedosov from Moscow. A special guest will be the leader of the Novgorod group “Black Bird” Stepan Dmitriev. 12+.


The group will celebrate its 15th anniversary in the club “Papa-Bar” “6 Oceans”… Beginning April 25 at 19:00, admission is free. 18+.


We wish you an interesting and eventful weekend!

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