We already know the sex of the Chapultepec wolves, what name would you give them?

The Chapultepec Zoo has new inhabitants in the shelter to mexican wolves; cameras installed in the burrow captured the birth of at least five mammals of this species, product of Is, a 9-year-old female and Rhi, a male of 7.

The puppies they were born last April 24 and since then the closed circuit has captured the moments of the day in which they come out of their hiding place to breastfeed, however the team of zoo veterinarians will wait a few more weeks to perform a Physical exam.

For minutes they come out of their burrow, play and suckle / Photography: Special

Through this they hope to verify that they are indeed only five young as well as knowing the sex of animals, assess their state of Health, apply your first vaccines Y deworm them.

The Secretary of the Environment reported that in 2019 the pair of wolves had their first litter from which they resulted five females and a male however this has not caused the species to stop being considered as “in danger of extinction“.

Since the 1950s the Mexican wolf It was pursued, hunted Y poisoned, 20 years later they almost declared their extinctionHowever, eight litters have been born in the capital zoo that re-categorized their status from “potentially extinct in the middle silvestre” a “in danger of extinction“, says the institution.

The Mexican wolf used to feed on White-tailed Deer and Wapiti / Photography: Special

According to the magazine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico for a few decades Mexico designed the Survival Plan for the Mexican Wolf Species together with USA, whose objective is the captive breeding.

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In 1998 the Fish and Wildlife Service Silvestre from USA reinsertó a once mexican wolves on Arizona Y Mexico did so in the fall of 2011 by freeing five specimens in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Is and Rhí are the creators of this new litter sheltered in captivity / Photography: Special

Four years later the first wild litter was born and in the spring of 2017 the first wolf born while alive was discovered silvestre, which means that it managed to survive to reproductive age and had young healthy with a female reinserted into the habitat.

Until a few centuries ago the species was revered by pre-colonized tribes and lived in the area silvestre from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and the Sierras Madre Occidental and Oriental, but the introduction of Spanish cattle and hunting diminished its existence.


The puppies of wolf that they were born in captivity in mid-April in the Chapultepec Zoo they had this weekend their first medical check-up, where it was discovered that there are three male and two female cubs, all in good condition Health.

Veterinary doctors began the review very early on April 14 after separating the parents from the burrow, both them and the puppies a Physical exam, get them bovine, dewormed and they took blood samples.

Result of Physical exam they concluded that Rhi Y Is is it so healthy and fit to continue with your crianza, while the wolves continue in the critical stage from crianza so they started their program preventive medicine.


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