Wanted for Cristobal Espinoza, an abandoned immigrant in the Arizona desert | Univision Phoenix KTVW

Espinoza, 56, originally from Tlaxcala, was reported missing in May, But just this weekend the San Diego-based humanitarian group traveled to Arizona to conduct the search. “This desert is a human folder.”

“We came with the hope of finding Cristobal,” said Cesar Ortigoza, director of the organization before starting the tour.

The armadillos followed the coordinates provided by the family who reported that the Mexican immigrant was abandoned when he could no longer continue because he was injured.

Cristobal’s niece, Mayra Díaz Espinoza, from Tlaxcala seeks help to find out what happened to her uncle with the limited information provided by the group with whom she crossed the border and reached her destination.

“He left the last days of April, he would be entering the desert on April 29 or 30” , Diaz recalled. “On May 3, the group he was with tells us that he stayed, he couldn’t hold out, he had a bad foot and was left in the middle of the Arizona desert for mile 70 “.

He mentioned that people in the group Diaz was able to speak with told him that The day after they left him, they went to look for him and did not find him.

The version of members of the group with which he crossed

The last thing they were told is that “The group guide died and the coyote changed the number.”

This is how this family struggles to find out what really happened to their loved one.

This was the search for Josué, an immigrant who was left in the Arizona desert

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