Video: Alabama police assault mentally ill man

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A video shows an Alabama police officer repeatedly beating a suspect with mental illness.

A Alabama police repeatedly beat to a man diagnosed with a mental illness during an arrest that occurred last Sunday, May 30, at a service station in Huntsville, north Alabama.

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The images of the arrest were disseminated on social networks by witnesses who witnessed the event and registered it with their mobile phones.

The video shows how three police officers arrest a man. One of the troops trampled on him repeatedly when the man was already reduced to the ground.

New York Post indicated that the person arrested is 22-year-old Kemontae Hobbs. One of the agents concentrates on restraining Hobbs’s head and shoulders, while in the tank another policeman tramples on the leg of the arrested man.

“Stop resisting,” one of the policemen yells at him. At one point, more police officers join the arrest process. They urge Hobbs to allow himself to be handcuffed.

After several minutes of struggling, at the request of witnesses to subside with the violence, Alabama police officers managed to get the 22-year-old to his feet and removed him from the MapCo gas station.

They denounce excessive use of force

The images of the arrest went viral on the network. From the organization Huntsville Bail Fund, an agency that monitors cases of police abuse in Madison County, accused officers of using “excessive use of force” during the arrest of Kemontae Hobbs.

Kemontae Hobbs was brutalized by the Huntsville police on Sunday night, ”the group said in a Facebook post.

According to the Hunstville Bail Fund, the police were summoned by gas station employees, who had seen Hobbs begging outside the premises.

Kimberlyn Hayes, Kemontae Hobbs’ mother, told that a cashier at the gas station called police after seeing her son ask a man for a dollar who had stopped with his car to get gas.

“How was it that he resisted if he was already on the floor and was trampled like a dog?” Asked his mother, who announced that she is considering hiring a lawyer to sue the police officers.

Devin Keyth, a Huntsville councilor, said the officers “used improper use of force.”

Hobbs had been diagnosed with schizophrenia

As indicated New York PostKemontae Hobbs had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is an “old acquaintance” of the Huntsville police, who have not been arrested for begging on public roads for the first time.

“After the brutal arrest, the police called Kemontae’s mother to indicate that they had her son detained and that they knew that he was mentally ill,” they indicated from the Hunstville Bail Fund. “Even knowing this data, it was treated that way,” they added.

Huntsville Police Investigate Case

Viralized the images of the arrest of Kemontae Hobbs, the Hunstville police had to go out to clarify the episode.

The one who took the floor was Captain Michael Johnson. In dialogue with, the Hunstville Police Chief confirmed that the force opened an internal investigation to determine if the officers acted improperly.

“We are aware of the video, we are investigating the episode,” Johnson said.

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