Vasily Stefanyk loved the priest’s wife

Vasily Stefanik has published five collections of short stories. In his works he showed the emigration of Ukrainians overseas, impoverishment and family dramas in peasant families, lonely old age and the sacrifice of parents. Photo of 1930. Photo: Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine

Writer Vasily Stefanik was born into the family of a wealthy peasant May 14, 1871 years in Rusov – now Kolomyisky district of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

He studied at the gymnasiums in Kolomyia and Drogobych. Since 1890, together with other members of the Russian-Ukrainian Radical Party, he participated in the opening of reading rooms in the villages. For this he interrupted training. In the neighboring village Stetsev was received by a priest Kirill Gamorak… Vasily Stefanik knew him from childhood. The confessor helped to get a job in a school in Snyatyn.

Kirill Gamorak had daughters Evgeniya, Olga and Helen. They admired the schoolboy’s black hair and good manners. For several years in a row, they were invited to stay with them during the holidays. Vasily did not refuse. The father, Semyon Stefanik, was angry with his son, because instead of helping with the housework, he spent the whole summer with the Gamoraks.

And he liked not only the girls Gamorak. When I visited a friend on business Lev Bachinsky in the village of Serafintsy – now the Gorodenkovsky district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, then he fell in love with his sister Evgenia. She was a year younger and also fell in love with the guest. Parents hinted to send matchmakers.

“A tall, blond girl fell in love with me,” wrote Vasily Stefanyk about Yevgeny Bachinsky to his friend Vaclav Morachevsky. I fell out of love with Panna. Once I received a letter from her. As I read this letter, and love disappeared. As if the lines of a letter were sung. Yes, and disappeared. It was only the first wave. Now Panna is unhappy. “

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The feeling of Evgenia Bachinskaya is getting stronger. But he does not answer her letters and does not come from Krakow, where he entered the medical faculty. And about his feelings, Olga Gamorak writes: “I was glad that I was so well loved then. And then I stopped.”

The lover cannot come to terms with the guy’s indifference. Melancholy and begins to hurt, tuberculosis develops. From him and dies. Vasily Stefanik does not go to the funeral. Afraid of being judged by her parents.

He is reluctant to study, devotes more time to creativity. He writes short stories, which are published by the Trud newspaper in Chernivtsi. In the fall of 1898 he comes to visit the priest Vasily Kalitovsky to the village of Troitsa – now Kolomyisky district. He is married to the eldest daughter of Kirill Gamorak – Eugenia. They have two children. Stefanik falls in love with the hostess. He is also not indifferent to her.

How the novel ended and about other relationships between Vasily Stefanyk and women, read in the magazine “Kraina” No. 571 of May 13, 2021.

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