Vasilisa Volodina told who will be lucky in April 2021

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TV presenter and famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told Instagram subscribers that some zodiacal representatives await in the second spring month. April will bring them incredible changes and days full of vivid emotions.


In the second month of spring, representatives of the sign will have the opportunity to showcase their talents. Particular attention should be paid to them on April 15th. On this day, Aries will make huge profits. On the twenty-fourth of them, family clapping awaits them. Also this month they should look around, since on the 6th they can meet a person who will become their destiny. From April 8 to April 11, there is a danger of getting confused and not finding the right solution. The astrologer claims that in the period from April 12 to April 16, creative energy will awaken in Aries. And financial success will come to their lives on April 15-19.


Hardworking representatives of the sign will have to slow down the implementation of their plans and goals. Return to their implementation should be in the middle of the month. According to the astrologer, April is perfect for self-development. At the beginning of the month, they will be able to improve their personal lives, after the 10th, their financial situation will improve, and on April 22, 23 and 25, one should be careful.


This earth sign will have to come into conflict with April. Virgos will balance on the edge of the abyss. The astrologer encourages them to closely monitor the flow of circumstances. If suddenly the representatives of the sign feel that something is going wrong, then they need to stop immediately. Uncertainty in any moment will help them protect themselves from an unpleasant situation. Virgos should be especially careful on the 17th, 18th and 24th.

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For representatives of the sign, the second spring month will be the most romantic period of the year. If they think they’ll be back into the routine in April, they’ll have to be disappointed. So from April 5 to 7, they have especially fruitful days. April 10 and 11 will bring unexpected but pleasant surprises to Libra. However, at the end of the month there is a high probability of getting stuck in a stream of problems. On the twenty-second and twenty-third, their life will completely turn upside down. But on April 24 and 25, they will have to fight with pangs of conscience.


In April, the astrologer recommends people of this fire sign to devote time to their family and their hobbies. In the first half of the month, they will have rest, shopping and pleasant chores. And the other half will force them to do routine duties. Volodina notes that at the end of the month, small worries will fall on them out of nowhere. The astrologer recommends paying special attention to your health.


In April, the stars recommend that representatives of the sign surrender to the power of creative energy and imagination. To improve their financial situation, Aquarius will have to make a lot of effort. Luck will help them on April 9, 22, 23 and 30.


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