Valery Metelitsa’s daughter restores the crippled swan Andryusha

This year, caring townspeople began to sound the alarm – what happened to the swan? First the head disappeared, then the wings.

Without a head and wings – such a sad sight is the swan Andryusha, who once appeared on the Barnaul bridge thanks to to the legendary citizen Valery Metelitsa.

A gift to the city

In 2005, the Honored Sambo Trainer of the USSR made a non-standard gift to the city. The bizarrely curved pipe at the bridge near the New Market reminded him of the silhouette of a swan.

“I took measurements, asked a familiar carpenter to scold me, and my daughter Veta painted him. My sister helped to make the frame, ”recalled Valery Andreevich.

On the City Day, the bird named Andryusha and hoisted on the bridge pleasantly surprised the passing townspeople.

Attempts and resurrection

Then, on the very first night, the swan was burned. A day later, the famous sambist, who knows how to take a punch, rallied his strength and restored the bird. From that moment on, the story of endless attempts on the swan began. And every time, thanks to Valery Metelitsa and kind people, Andryusha was reborn from the ashes like a phoenix.

Then new birds appeared on the bridge, the place became one of the main attractions of the city.

When Valery Andreevich was buried in 2015, a black ribbon appeared on the neck of the swan Andryusha …

Valerij Metelica

Valerij Metelica

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

Revived again

This year, caring townspeople began to sound the alarm – what happened to the swan? First the head disappeared, then the wings.

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– Yes, someone tore off the bird’s head, – says Violetta Metelitsa, daughter of a legendary citizen.

The artist came to Barnaul from Argentina in the fall and is now restoring the brainchild of her beloved father.

“The guys I know have taken off the wings, I’ll put them in order, I’ll make my head separately, and the swan will rise again, this is one of my main tasks for today,” says Violetta.

She is confident that the swans, which have become a unique feature of the city, will adorn the bridge even after its overhaul.

Helps lovers

Valery Metelitsa’s daughter shared a story that happened to her recently:

– I was traveling in a taxi with a woman who, upon learning that I was the daughter of the man who made the swans appear on the bridge, suddenly began to cry. It turns out that her sister had difficulties in relations with her future husband, and they specially came to Barnaul to come to the bridge and make a wish for the family to take place. “And everything is good with them, this is a holy swan for us,” she said through her tears. And I, too, rode and cried, and I thought about dad, about his gentle heart and good deed, which turned the sad creaking bridge into a magical place that helps lovers.


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