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Lots of Vaccine Refusers: is Joe Biden slipping away from the pandemic?

23.07.2021, 20:00

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House of Representatives commemorates 600,000 corona deaths in the USA

House of Representatives commemorates 600,000 corona deaths in the USA

The US House of Representatives thought of the 600,000 corona deaths with a minute’s silence. In absolute terms, the US is the hardest hit country in the world by the pandemic.

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The number of infections in the USA has quadrupled in a short time because of the delta variant. The vaccinators are persistent.

Anyone who has seen Sean Hannity and Mitch McConnell on television in the past few days had to rub their eyes. The TV broadcaster’s rating Fox News and the Republican leader in the Washington Senate almost pleaded with their American compatriots to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as possible.

For months, the powerful whisperers in the conservative milieu had done quite the opposite, sometimes subtly, sometimes blatantly. They stoke reservations about them Vaccination policy by President Joe Biden. They questioned the safety and efficiency of the active ingredients. And like President Donald Trump, they played down the dangers associated with “Covid 19”.

Ever since the Delta variant raged in the USA, they feared Conservatives to be made politically responsible for a highly dynamic downward movement, which they would like to blame Joe Biden for alone before the midterm elections in Congress in 16 months.

The infection numbers in the USA have more than quadrupled within three weeks – from 13,000 cases per day at the beginning of July to over 56,000 cases on Thursday. The death toll rose from around 100 to 330 a day. Ascending trend.

That is a long way from the alarming peak values ​​in January, when there were 300,000 new infections and over 4,000 deaths on some days. The government and authorities are all the more alarmed because 99 percent of new infections occur Unvaccinated do not apply, over 85 percent of the decidedly more contagious Delta variant is involved and only 50 percent of the population (almost 161 million citizens) are fully vaccinated.

According to surveys, 30 percent of citizens do not want to be vaccinated

In several states, most recently Missouri, hospitals are already reporting “land under” again because of the number of admissions explodes. Experience has shown that the death toll will follow with a time lag. And all of this well before the onset of the cold season, when epidemiologists expect a drastic increase in the number of cases in unvaccinated regions because activities move from outside to inside; the fifth wave, so to speak.

A politically risky scenario for President Biden. Although the US has more vaccines than it needs, a train is rushing in that could undo early progress in fighting the disease in the first half of the year. The reason: Vaccination fatigue. From up to four million a day in spring, the number of people who get poked has fallen to 500,000.

And the proportion of Refusal to vaccinate grows. According to surveys, almost 30 percent of the citizens now belong to this camp. While in the democratic east coast regions of Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut over 70 percent of the population received both vaccine doses, in the poorer southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana or Mississippi it is sometimes less than 35 percent.

By the end of June, 85 percent of Democratic voters across the country had had at least one injection – but only 52 percent of Republican supporters. This fits: the states with the lowest vaccination rates are ruled by Republicans and will all have 2020 Donald Trump elected. Also interesting:Trump’s corona infection was more dramatic than expected

Since the beginning of the pandemic in winter 2020, the elected ex-president has been following a zigzag course in terms of prevention (wearing masks, vaccinations, etc.), which left millions of Americans with the impression: everything is half as bad. To date, over 610,000 Americans have lost their lives because of Corona. Statistically it is Life expectancy Down by 1.5 years in 2020. This is the sharpest decline since 1942/43. The average lifespan is 77.3 years. The main reason according to the CDC disease protection authority: Corona.

99 percent of the current corona deaths were unvaccinated

Biden, his vaccine tsar Anthony Fauci and other experts want to tackle the skeptics with hard numbers. By mid-July, around 159 million Americans were fully vaccinated. Of these, around 5500 caught the virus – despite this – 1000 died. Makes less than 0.0007 percent of the vaccinated population.

Counter cut: 99 percent of the current one Corona-Toten were not vaccinated. “Virtually all hospital admissions and deaths occur among unvaccinated Americans,” says Biden. “These tragedies are preventable.”

If there aren’t influential multipliers in social media who want to undermine the government’s corona course as much as possible. According to research by the watchdog organization “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH), twelve people with around 60 million followers in networks from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter are responsible for 800,000 postings that were negative about the vaccination efforts of the White House.

Among the well-respected supporters of conspiracy theories is also the nephew of the old president John F. Kennedy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has linked the corona vaccines to autism and the 5G cellular networks. Joe Biden has asked Facebook and Co. to do more against the destructive rubbish on the net. Mark Zuckerberg’s company, however, refuses: “We save lives.”


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