Uruguayan travelers say goodbye to Lago Ranco after 450-day stay

This is the story of the couple who arrived at “Rincón del Paraíso” in March 2020 and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were unable to continue their journey.

After 450 days of stay in the commune of Lago Ranco, a well-known couple of Uruguayans return to undertake their trip around the world, heading to Alaska.

The municipality, who collaborated by providing them with a place to park their mobile home, told the story of Gloria Acosta and Richard Pereyra, who arrived in the commune in March, just when the first case of Covid-19 in the country was reported and , with this, the closing of borders towards Argentina, which was the place where they were going.

Gloria and Richard decided to stay in the commune waiting for everything to normalize and the days went by, without thinking that they would spend more than a year in the “Rincón del Paraíso”.

They leave with the best memories of a community that opened its doors to them and offered their hospitality. They made great friends and were able to stay safe from the covid in this territory where, in addition, they were immunized against the virus.

This Monday they went personally to the municipality to thank the community chief for the hospitality so he could embark on his new adventure around the world this Wednesday.

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