United States: At 94, she graduated from high school after leaving school during the war – Alouette

In L’Alabama, in the Southeastern United States, a student like no other attended the graduation ceremony at Hazel Green High School. Grace Lee McClure Smith graduated from 94 years old. “Better late than never,” she explained with a smile.

She had been waiting for her diploma for 79 years. She must have quit high school in 1942, at 16, when her husband went to the front of the second world war. According to one of his grandchildren, “She has never regretted anything in her life and she always did what she wanted to do.”

Grace ultimately spent much of her life in the school environment since she was bus driver for 30 years. Finally, she never returned to school, preferring the education of her children.

Finally, his 26 grandchildren, as well as many members of his family were present during this graduation ceremony, held at honorary title. No course or evaluation therefore, but rather a beautiful tribute, organized by Erin, one of her granddaughters. The opportunity for Grace to be able to proudly wear the red tunic graduate.


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