Trump’s “Big Lie”: Republicans are tightening their voting rights after Trump – “Not everyone should vote”

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Since the US election defeat, Republicans have been working diligently to make the franchise more restrictive. They submit to Trump’s “Big Lie”.

Washington, DC – “Georgia on my mind” was once sung by the black US singer Ray Charles. The last traditionally Republican US state played a decisive role in the 2020 US elections. Joe Biden narrowly won the “Peach State”, but he won it. As the first democratic candidate since 1992. He owed this, among other things, to the high turnout of the black community – and possibly the black US Democrat Stacey Abrams *, who for years mobilized African Americans to exercise their right to vote.

In response, the state’s Republicans enacted highly controversial electoral reform that is said to make the voting process safer. From the point of view of the Democrats, however, the move aims to suppress unpleasant minority votes. Because the majority of the electorate for the “Grand Old Party” is older and white.

In numerous US states, the Republican Party is currently attempting to change the electoral law. For many, this is evidence that the party is still defending the so-called “Big Lie”: Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that the elections were falsified. In this way, the Republicans would continue to tie their fate to the ex-president. Resistance comes from within her own ranks in the person of Liz Cheney – she could soon face a hard political fate.

US elections 2020: record turnout – more diverse than ever before

In the 2020 US elections *, the electorate was more diverse than ever before. Almost 40 percent of the Biden Harris voters: inside were People of Color; only 15 percent of voters from this group voted for Trump. There was a record turnout from the Asian and Latin American communities. The number of voting Black Americans also increased significantly. This is confirmed by the voter database of the non-profit organization Catalist in Washington.

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It can be seen that the demographic change was clearly reflected. While Donald Trump adhered to the racist principle of “white supremacy” during his tenure – and much of the Republican Party still does – the United States is becoming more colorful. Washington’s Center for American Progress and other think tanks believe that white populations will be in the minority by the 1940s.

The young population also stood out for its high voter turnout. It is a development that is troubling Republicans. In Republican-ruled states, massive efforts are now being made to amend the electoral law. According to observers, these aim to make voting more difficult for People of Color and to suppress the votes of minorities. The Brennan Center for Justice counts more than 360 bills in 47 US states that want to restrict the right to vote. Which are starting to take effect. The Democrats under US President Joe Biden started numerous projects to simplify the electoral law. The “HR1 – For the People Act of 2021”, which would revolutionize the right to vote in the USA, is of particular importance. But the chance of getting this bill through the Senate is slim.

In the US states, the Republican Party has predominantly legislative majorities. That gives her an advantage. Laying hands on the right to vote is not uncommon in the USA, as the “gerrymandering” practiced by both sides shows.

Bills nationwide in the USA: Republicans want to change the electoral law – first successes

Arizona * is another traditionally conservative US state that fell just short of Democrat Joe Biden in the elections. Here too: high voter turnout from a diverse and young population. Here too: bills that want to make the right to vote more restrictive. The state is re-counting its votes – by a private and controversial company called “Cyber ​​Ninjas”. As the New York Times reported, it is a company that has no experience with the counting of votes, operated by a man who spread the election fraud myths of Donald Trump *.

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The report of the Times According to the ballot papers are examined for traces of bamboo – possibly to prove that they were flown in from Asia. Also explosive: Allegedly, people involved in the recount were involved in the riots on January 6, 2021, the storm on the US Capitol *. “It makes us look like idiots…. In retrospect, I didn’t think it would be so ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to be a senator at this point, “said Paul Boyer, who voted for the recount. The counting process is also being delayed: Instead of the planned May date, a result is expected in August at the earliest.

Republican MP for the state, John Kavanagh, dropped a drastic sentence during the suffrage debates: “Democrats want as many people as possible to vote and they are willing to risk fraud. Republicans are more concerned about fraud, so we don’t mind taking security measures that don’t let everyone choose – but not everyone should vote. “He added, more explicitly, according to CNN,” Quantity matters, but we need to, too Consider the quality of the voices. “

Liz Cheney: The good Republican railed against Trump – She wants to overthrow her own party now

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Quasi a political title of nobility. Actually. A traditional and truly non-progressive Republican – pre-Donald Trump. For her continued criticism of the ex-president and allegations of electoral fraud, she will in all likelihood be removed from her top position as number three within the party * – by her own colleagues. A disempowerment that Donald Trump has been working hard to achieve. It is symbolic of the struggle of the old “Grand Old Party” against a party with the face of Trump. Its cult seems to win the duel. But Cheney was still combative in her speech on Tuesday (local time) in Congress before the vote this Wednesday.

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“Today we face a threat America has never seen before,” said Cheney. “A former president who provoked a violent attack on this Capitol to steal the election has resumed aggressive efforts to convince Americans that the election was stolen from him. He risks further violence. Millions of Americans have been misled by the former president. You only heard his words, but not the truth, as he continues to undermine our democratic process and raise doubts as to whether democracy really works, ”said the Republican. “Those who refuse to accept the judgments of our courts are at war with the constitution.”

She stressed that the election had not been stolen, that America had not failed. And again decisively contradicts Donald Trump’s “Big Lie”. Liz Cheney currently has nothing more to lose. She should replace a Trump loyal. (aka) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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