Trump steps up calls for fascism at Arizona rally

Former President Donald Trump moved his “Big Lie” tour to Arizona to Saturday afternoon, with a fascist speech to a crowd of 5,000 at the Arizona Federal Theater in downtown Phoenix. The event was titled “Protect Our Elections Rally,” an Orwellian twist to a speech in which Trump spent most of an hour and three quarters denouncing the 2020 election. and seek to overthrow it.

The appearance – the most recent in a series of such events over the summer – was notable for its escalation of the former president’s anti-Communist hysteria. At least half a dozen times Trump has called the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden – right-wing representatives of Wall Street and US imperialism – “communists.”

“The radical left-wing Democratic Communist Party rigged and sold the election,” he said. On immigration: “the socialist democrats and the communists are trying to include amnesty in their reconciliation”. On the media: “We are beyond socialism. When you don’t have a press to turn to, that’s how a communist country begins. They have no press. ” On the future course of development: “What is happening to our country has unfortunately happened to so many others. We are at the start of a communist system. The radicals are taking power and destroying everything that is dear to us as Americans, and it is happening. ”

Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters on various topics during a rally Saturday, July 24, 2021, in Phoenix. (AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin)

One passage is worth quoting at length, as it provides insight into the type of appeal Trump is making and the type of political movement he seeks to build:

“Our movement is driven by a love for America and an unwavering faith in the American people. I have that faith, and you have that faith. We are not fighting for socialism, communism. We are not fighting for bondage. We are fighting for God, for the country, and we are fighting for freedom ”.

“We know in our veins that our American heritage has been passed down to us by generations of patriots who gave all they had – their sweat, their blood and even their lives to make America the most powerful nation in the world. the history of the world. And we are not going to let a small group of maniacs of the radical left and of Marxism take it away from us ”.

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Such language is not simply spewing out the worst kind of anti-Communist persecution, reminiscent of McCarthy’s witch-hunt of the 1950s. There is a new element here. Trump seeks to combine religious fundamentalism, patriotic flag waving, xenophobia, and anti-communism, with a complete hatred of democracy, elections, the free press, civil rights, and all forms of social equality.


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