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Veracruz, Ver.- Álvaro González Pérez He has traveled through Latin America, from Patagonia Argentina to Mexico, on his bicycle, since in 2016 he decided to leave his job, his parents and his hometown Burgos, in Spain, to fulfill his dream.

Four years after the adventure started, Álvaro arrived at the port of Veracruz, after leaving Ushuaia, the most remote place in the southern cone, in Argentina, with the aim of knowing all the countries of Latin America.

From the zócalo of Veracruz, he relates that the first thing was to buy a plane ticket with no return, pack a backpack and his bicycle to start the trip. On his journey, before reaching Mexico, toured 13 countries, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

When he arrived in Chiapas, he had to experience the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the health emergency forced him to make prolonged stays in states such as Campeche, Yucatán, Oaxaca, Guerrero and now in Veracruz.

“Touched me stop here during April, during the pandemic, was in a house in a family in Chiapas, then in Oaxaca I opened the doors to be somewhere long as he wanted, in a small town family offered to stay while passing All this”he declared.

In each of these places, Álvaro receives the help of families or people who hear about the trip he is taking, selflessly offering temporary asylum and food. On other occasions, the Spanish citizen is supported at local Red Cross or Fire stations.

Álvaro says that has a degree in Applied Physics and MathematicsHowever, his work in the IT field disenchanted him and was the main reason for abandoning everything to pedal abroad.

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Although he does not have a wife or children, in his hometown he affirms that his parents, family and friends are waiting for him, who see with surprise and amazement the feat that he is about to complete traveling from end to end of Latin America.

However, he states that he has plans to continue his journey so that his journey is to completely cross the American continent, including United States and Canada, all the way to Alaska, in the arctic circle.

During his travels, he writes his experiences and experiences, which compiles by way of books sold in the cities you visit, with what is enough to subsist, eat and maintain the bicycle.

The next few days he will be in the city of Veracruz, but You will leave for the beaches of Chachalacas, and later to Xalapa, where you will decide your next destination, avoiding the Covid-19 red light areas.


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