Tongo “Hot Standard Bearer” Returns to Olympics: Social Media Reaction, HELLO! Russia

The opening ceremony of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games was held today at the Japanese National Stadium in Tokyo. The whole world was waiting for this competition for a year longer than usual – all because last summer it was decided to postpone the Games due to the coronavirus pandemic. And although a year later this attack did not disappear from us, the organizers did not dare to leave the audience once again without a sports holiday.

The holiday was held almost without spectators and only rare guests were present at the podium, for example, the first lady of the United States Jill Biden and the President of the United States Emmanuel Macron – and that was only because France will host the Olympics in 2024, and the 2028 Olympics will be held in Los Angeles. There were also unusually few stars at the stadium – the posh spectator knew only the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, who lit the Olympic flame.

During the passage of the delegations of the countries participating in the games – by the way, Russia was 77th this time – the most memorable was the departure of the team from the Kingdom of Tongo. For the third time in a row, Pita Nicholas Taufatofua, known as the “hot standard bearer”, has been the flag bearer of the national team. According to the established tradition, he came out in a national costume and with a naked torso, buttered. His appearance made everyone happy, including the organizers of the Olympics. The official Twitter account even posted a note:

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Rio 2016
Phenchang 2018
Tokyo 2020
Don’t fix something that isn’t broken!
#OpeningCeremony #Tokyo2020

Other Internet users also did not stand aside:

Tongo never disappoints!

The hero of the opening ceremonies is here again!

The Olympic Games would not have taken place without him!

Tongo knows what people need!

He wins every game!

There were also those who did not understand his image:

There is no sun, why did he pour himself in oil?

But this commentator was immediately answered:

The oil is his shirt. This is the new Olympic uniform.

Recall that Pita became one of the main characters opening ceremony 2016 Olympics in Rio. Brazilian model Adriana Lima then did not even miss the opportunity to personally get acquainted with the “hot standard bearer” or, as he is also called on the network, the most “shining participant in the opening ceremony.”

Pita Nicholas Taufatofua, 37, taekwondo fighter and skier, therefore, participates in both summer and winter games. His path to the games was not easy: in 2003 he was unable to qualify for Olympics in Athens, in 2008 due to injury did not get to the Games in Pekin, and to participate in London Olympics he had no money for training and tickets. He managed to break through only to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


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