To ache with the soul for the fulfillment of the goal

Ten years ago, an ordinary rural guy from the Dagestan village of Chapaevka entered the university, where he studied well, but at the same time noticed that he had certain difficulties in communication. Smith spoke with a strong accent and did not like to speak publicly in front of an audience, which made it difficult for him.

Somehow, by chance, a student got to a couple of trainings on public speaking. “It was something new and amazing for me. I realized that knowledge can be obtained not only through books, but also through practice, through skills. This inspired me, and I began to think that, having learned, I would myself help people overcome phobias and complexes when talking, ”recalls my interlocutor.

Immersed in self-study, Smith began to practice many techniques on himself and tried to teach his loved ones. “When you have a life plan, you don’t have time for depression or bad mood. You just go to your goal and enjoy the result, ”he is convinced.

True, there were moments when you wanted to give up everything – why, they say, is it necessary? Friends were also perplexed. But in the end, it was they who became the first listeners. At first it was just a hobby. I have been providing trainings for almost 5 years completely free of charge. The first money received from conducting his own training, he invested in education – he entered the Moscow University of Public Speaking.

Today Smith Rasulov is a leader among teachers in public speaking in Dagestan. Up to a hundred people regularly attend his classes. For 5 years, he taught more than 70 groups – this is almost 8 thousand people. The coach does not like to talk about his income, he only noted that since the beginning of the year he has already spent more than 2 million rubles on his training. He plans to invest up to 6 million this year. The businessman is sure that if he develops, then he needs to invest.

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Smith studied with renowned trainer Radislav Gandapas, a recognized leader in personal growth training. Now the guy is already creating his own intellectual product, as he himself put it, “a symbiosis of psychology, business and public speaking,” which he called “The time of the first.”

The impressive number of training attendees allowed Smith to understand what problems the Dagestanis come with and what they are trying to solve for themselves. “Basically, there are a lot of people with complexes. Fears, low self-esteem, people are afraid to be themselves, says Smith. – The overwhelming majority is held captive by stereotypes. How often, from childhood, we are taught to keep quiet in front of guests or not to take from the table … As a result, children begin to feel ashamed of strangers, guests. And then, when they grow up, they face complexes in which they cannot express themselves, present something. This is already alienation and opposition of conventional “I” and “they”.

Our society is built in such a way that stereotypes are embedded in it, they dominate and inhibit progress, Smith is convinced. Moreover, men are more closed and more difficult to make contact. In their opinion, to open up is to show weakness. But the problem can be solved only when you accept it.

“For example, mostly guys devalue my activity: why is it necessary, I already know all this … Our guys, not admitting their omissions, essentially slow down their development. Most people see only two versions of life situations: there is their opinion and the wrong one. During trainings, we learn to see many ways, share our emotions and accept other people’s emotions and desires, communicate openly. This is where people open up, ”says Smith.

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But at the same time, he does not invite everyone to his trainings. “Sigmund Freud had a sign on the door to his office,“ Don’t get hurt, don’t go in ”. I am of the same opinion. Now, if a person has real problems, then I am ready to work with him, to build new horizons of his achievements with him. “

While crises are raging in the world, and the economy promises us all kinds of shocks, we consider ourselves dependent on this, but we still hope that conditions for a comfortable life will be created for us. And at this time, people like Smith were not afraid to be themselves, started their own business and stubbornly move towards the goal, despite the difficulties and defeats.

“If you have thought of something, then look around, at those who have already achieved success. Do as he does. Success and prosperity come through perseverance and love for what you are doing, ”says Smith Rasulov, a successful, self-made man.

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