tiger by the road. Safari turned to fail when they saw who it really was

Once a year, even a white tiger can appear on your street, the residents of the American city of Rockville decided and complained to the police about the predator’s visit. However, the cops who came to the call were immediately out of order – they could not stop laughing when they saw who was really in front of them.

Rockville Maryland police in early February received alarming reports from local residents that a white tiger was walking off Montrose Road. Officers from the Montgomery County Police Department were surprised by the appeal, because such predators live mainly in India and Nepal.

However, it was not for nothing that the police were on their guard. One of the officers fearlessly went to meet the wild animal, but fortunately, only met with someone’s joke. The big white cat that scared the drivers turned out to be a life-size artificial tiger,

The employees of the department told the residents of the city on Twitter, attaching a photo as proof that there was no danger.

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Police say they have no idea how the statue ended up off the highway. Perhaps it was someone’s bad joke. But now the wild beast, although not the real one, has found a new home – in the police station.

Police officers often have to deal with unusual reports from people, as is the case with other American officers who had to travel to arrest Bigfoot. The police were not up to jokes: they really saw the yeti.

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Another daredevil noticed a leopard on the road and rushed to help him. He succeeded in becoming a hero, but not stories about saving an animal, but an epic fail.

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