This Santa Claus is not suitable for children at all because he masturbates!

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29. November 2021 – 9:49 clock

Santa Claus masturbating on rooftop in Iowa

Christmas time is decoration time, as is the case with the American Amber Zink. However, she had probably imagined it a little differently. Because instead of a waving Santa Claus, she suddenly had a masturbating one standing on the roof of her house.

USA: Husband wanted to have fun with masturbating Santa

Actually, the happily waving Santa Claus was supposed to put everyone in the festive mood on their roof in the US state of Iowa. However, when Amber Zink and her husband wanted to happily watch the result of their jewelry marathon, the pre-Christmas mood was in the bucket.

Because Santa Claus held his hand between his legs, moving it up and down – as if he was masturbating. “My husband forgot to tie his hand up so Santa can wave,” says Zink on her TikTok account “ambieannzzz” . “And now it’s offensive.”

Forget? In fact, her boyfriend was just kidding himself. After all, Santa is now waving as he should. Well then, Merry Christmas after the shock!


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