“This is true love”: Lady Dimitrescu reacts to vulgar tweets about her

“People who are not turned on by Lady Dimitrescu after transforming into her true form are simply not strong enough.”

Maggie Robertson: I love that she is not written off after the transformation. That is, love for her remains. And this is a very rare occurrence. I think this is real love.

“Lady Dimitrescu’s actions are considered hot and sexy, but when I do the same, then I am a ‘monster’ and should be ‘arrested'”

Maggie Robertson: What kind of actions are we talking about? Although, probably, all her actions are rather extravagant. And if you try to do this in real life, you will be in trouble.

“Lady Dimitrescu says my blood is stale. How can I make it more suited to your tastes, Queen? Do you need to eat something specific? Drinking something specific? More fearful? Tell me, because I’m probably doing something wrong. Give 👏 to me 👏 to do 👏 everything 👏 right! 👏»

Maggie Robertson: I love the emotion and enthusiasm in this post. You probably just need to have better blood. I also like to clap my hands for an accent [в тексте].

“I’m sure the lusty prison will be busy for another week or so because of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters.”

Maggie Robertson: Yes. It is full and even overflowing.

“Lady Dimitrescu turned me into a libertine, and, you know, everything is very serious, because I like both milfs and monsters.”

Maggie Robertson: These are very specific tastes – “I love milfs and monsters.” Follow your dream!

“Me:“ Why does everyone like Lady Dimitrescu so much? She’s just a tall vampire. “
Also me: “Spank me, mommy” “

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Maggie Robertson: Yeah … yeah … yeah …


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