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A man was arrested in Alabama, United States, accused of having run over his pregnant wife.

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It happened in Tuscaloosa County, where 22-year-old Canaan Johnson was detained by local police. According to what is reported by witnesses, Johnson would have had an argument with his wife while driving. She would have gotten out of the vehicle and then he would have run her over.

Eyewitnesses they said they saw Johnson’s wife jump out of the vehicle onto the road. He would have taken a U-turn and then hit her with the vehicle.

Shortly after, the woman was rushed to a local hospital where she would have been treated for minor injuries. However, Alabama authorities admitted that The status of the baby the couple is expecting is currently unknown.

Johnson faces charges of attempted kidnapping and attempted murder. He was fined $ 180,000, equivalent to 3 million 600 thousand Mexican pesos.

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