They are all the Mexicans who have won a gold medal in the Olympic Games

A group of historical national athletes bathed in glory in the summer joust and left footprints in the Olympus for others to follow.

They are all the Mexicans who have won a gold medal in the Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games evoke glorious memories for Mexico and its athletes. The hope of new gold medals, in this and past editions, kindles its own fire to enter history.

Here at El Heraldo Deportes, we present you a count of all the Mexicans who achieved gold medals at the Olympic Games. The story is not short.

The first national participation in the summer joust happened in 1900 with the polo team, which won the bronze medal. Since 1924, Mexico has not missed a single Olympic competition.

Despite this, the first gold medal reached London 1948, thanks to the team of riders that represented our country.

Who are the Mexicans who have won the gold medal at the Olympic Games?

Riding Team – London 48

Mexico was filled with gold at the London 1948 Olympic Games, where the team of riders, made up of Humberto Mariles, Rubén Uriza and Alberto Valdés, won the medal in the team jumping equestrian competition.

Joaquin Capilla

Considered the best athlete in the history of the country, he began his Olympic journey in London 48, where he obtained the bronze medal in diving from the platform. Later, he participated in Helsinki 52 and obtained silver in the same competition.

He made it to the top as far as Melbourne 56, reaching gold in platform dive as well as bronze in springboard dive.

Mexico 68

The country became the first Spanish-speaking entity to receive the Olympic joust. At the same time, women’s sport took historic leaps for its recognition, after Enriqueta Basilio? Mexican athletics competitor ?? she will be the first woman to carry the torch and light the cauldron.

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During these Olympic Games, the Mexican delegation reached its historical maximum of medals in one edition: 9 in total, of which three were gold.

Ricardo Delgado Nogales

Ricardo “El Picoso” Delgado gave Mexico its first flyweight boxing medal, during the 1968 summer joust. The fighter reached the Olympic ring, with a record of 125 wins and four losses.

Antonio Roldan Reyna

Almost on par with Delgado, Reyna reached featherweight gold after her rival, Albert Robinson, was disqualified after committing two infractions during the fight. The competition took place at the Arena México.

Felipe Munoz

‘El Tibio’ Muñoz is, to date, the first and only Mexican winner of an Olympic gold medal in swimming. At just 17 years old, he participated in the 200 meter breaststroke and defeated world favorite Vladimir Kosinsky with 25 meters to go.

Daniel baptist

The first medal winner in the 20 kilometer walk. He did it during the Montreal 76 Games. A year earlier, he had won gold in the same competition at the Pan American Games and repeated the medal in 79.

Ernesto Canto

Canto followed in the footsteps of Bautista and repeated the gold for Mexico in the 20-kilometer march in Los Angeles 84. With this medal, the Mexican became the first athlete to lead the podium in all the jousts of the Olympic cycle 82-84: Central American, Pan American, World Championship and Olympic Games.

Raúl González Rodríguez

Mexico two gold medals in athletics in Los Angeles 84, with González being the second medalist in the 50-kilometer walk, where he set a new Olympic record. He shared the podium with Ernesto Canto, in the 20-kilometer test, taking the silver medal.

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Soraya Jimenez

The Mexican National Anthem sounded again at the Olympic Games after 16 years. It happened at the hand of Soraya Jiménez in weightlifting, in Sydney 2000.

The medal not only meant the return of our country to the first place on an Olympic podium, but it also made Soraya the first Mexican woman to bathe in glory.

Maria del Rosario Espinoza

Eight years after Soraya, María del Rosario Espinoza was consecrated with the gold medal in taekwondo during Beijing 2008. Then, she reached the podium of London 2012 and Rio 2016, winning bronze and silver, respectively.

The Mexican Futbol selection

The last gold medal occurred in London 2012. This generation of footballers, led by Luis Fernando Tena, was reinforced with several elements that had already been consolidated in their clubs and defeated Brazil in an epic final, which featured goals from Oribe Peralta.

They are all the Mexicans who have won a gold medal in the Olympic GamesThey are all the Mexicans who have won a gold medal in the Olympic Games

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