The testicles and the male brain look alike – that’s what they have in common

A recent study published in the Royal Society Open Biology journal has highlighted some important similarities between the main organ of the central nervous system of men and the testes: the many proteins and genes common to the two parts of the body would be involved in rather similar processes, but only further studies will clarify whether this link may play a role in other connections already noted in the past, such as that between brain disorders and sexual dysfunctions.

There is a part of the male body that looks incredibly similar to brain: it is the testicles, which according to a recent study conducted by the Portuguese universities of Aveiro and Porto, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, have many traits in common with the main organ of our central nervous system. The results obtained by the researchers were published in the journal Royal Society Open Biology and reveal a link between testicles and brain of man who, although already partially emerged from previous studies, now becomes even stronger and highlights all the similarities between these two areas of the body, both as regards the tissues and the functions performed.

This discovery is only a starting point, but it leaves some very interesting questions open to investigate: for example, you may have heard of a possible connection between brain disorders and the dysfunctions of a sexual nature, not to mention that some past research seems to have found a link between the quality of sperm product and degree of intelligence of a person. It will therefore take further work to understand whether these bonds may also be a consequence of the similarity between the brain and testicles.

Because brain and testicles are alike

But what exactly is the brain and testicles in common? First, the researchers began to analyze the proteins produced by various parts of a man’s body, to then compare them with each other: here the first surprise emerged, given that the brain organ and the testicles share the same greater number of proteins in common, ben 13.442. Furthermore, this discovery suggests that these two elements may also have a very high number of geni common to both.

On closer inspection, however, these results are not even all that surprising, given that in both cases the proteins produced, mainly involved in communications and in tissue development, serve to support two very expensive processes from the point of view of the required energy, namely thethought processing and the daily production of millions of spermatozoa. The similarities, however, do not end there: according to the researchers, in fact, both nerve cells and those of the testes perform a similar function, moving a product internally outwards, a process that affects both sperm and neurotransmitters.

In short, the clues cannot be ignored: there is a great similarity between the testicles and the brain, but only the next studies will be able to tell us any reasons of this surprising link, as well as the possible ones consequences.

Fonte| “Brain and testis: more alike than previously thought?” published in Royal Society Open Biology on June 2, 2021

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