The symbol of the V White Symphony Festival is love: a big ice heart appeared in the center of Omsk [ФОТО]

The grand opening of the event took place on the square near the Concert Hall.

Today, November 28, the V Festival of symphonic music “White Symphony” started in Omsk.

“This year our Festival has a small anniversary. The fifth “White Symphony” will be very interesting and intense. The Omsk Philharmonic Society is confidently moving forward, in spite of everything. You will hear the birth of new music on the stage of the Concert Hall. This year we won in the “Notes and Quotas” nomination in a competition organized by the Composers’ Union. And especially for us, the young composer Alexei Sysoev wrote a work that will be performed by a symphony orchestra. We beat the UK Orchestra in this competition. We have something to be proud of: we develop our collectives, invite new performers and delight our listeners “, – commented the director of the Omsk Philharmonic Irina Lapshina.

On the opening day for Omsk residents, Matvey Blumin, Anastasia Ushakova and Varvara Kutuzova performed the Generation Z (6+) program. But before the concert of young soloists on the square near the Concert Hall, the grand opening of the sculpture, which became the symbol of the White Symphony, took place. It was created by Rimma Emelianenko from Omsk. The author was chosen as a result of a competition.


“Each time the White Symphony Festival begins with an ice sculpture that pleases residents and guests of Omsk until spring.”, – noted Irina Lapshina.

“This is my first time doing this. And the emotions are unusual: it’s nice that I did it for the city. You can come and see my work in the very center of Omsk “, – shared the author of the sculpture Rimma Emelianenko.

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The girl said that when creating this work, she was inspired by love.

“I drew two sketches, based on the shape of the heart. I drew it on the first sketch, and then entered the keys. And the waves, like the sounds of music, complete everything, they are closed in a heart. After all, the best thing in the world is love ”, – explained Rimma Emelianenko.

As a reminder, from November 28 to December 16, within the framework of the White Symphony, five diverse concerts will be held, at which 17 outstanding works will be performed. Omsk people will be able to get acquainted with a wide range of genres and gain new musical experience.

Photo: 12 channel.
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