The story of the athletes who went from playing at the University of Arizona to representing Mexico at Tokyo 2020

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All three athletes are of American origin but with Mexican roots

The Olympic Games in Tokyo They have already started and after that, the great stories of the athletes emerged, one of them, that of three Mexican athletes who studied at the Arizona State University and that now they represent Mexico in the Olympic jousts.

Dallas Escobedo, Chelsea Gonzales Y Sashel Palacios, players of the softball team, were trained in the United States and now represent the Mexican team at Tokyo 2020.

Sashel Palacios

One of the stories is from Sashel Palacios, who comes from a sports family, since his mother played softball and his father baseball. She played softball catcher at the University of Arizona (ASU) between 2014 and 2017.

The beginning of his university career had been difficult. Palacios took a long break after his freshman year, during which time his father informed him that the Mexican-Americans could represent a test for the Mexico team.

“After training a bit and doing reps with my dad at home, I tried that summer in Irvine and that was the first summer they opened it up to girls living outside of Mexico and I joined the team in 2014 and I’ve been on the team every year. summers since then ”, he told Miranda Media&PR.

When Sashel joined the team in 2014, she had no trouble connecting with her Mexican teammates. Later, he talked about the evolution of the Mexican team until winning the ticket to the Olympic Games this year.

“When we started we didn’t win a single game, as if people saw Mexico on their calendar and it was an indication that we were going to lose because we couldn’t accumulate points, the rule said that
the game stopped for “mercy” to the team that was losing. This was humbling because you go from a competitive environment at ASU where you are winning a lot of games, to not winning. It affects you mentally.

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“But now sitting in an Olympic plaza on the way to Tokyo, it’s so impressive not only the
to be able to represent my family and the sacrifices they have made, but also to represent the hard work that I put in, and that of my coaches, and that of the team to get to this point ”, he commented.

Chelsea Gonzalez

Like Palacios, Chelsea Gonzales played for ASU between the years of 2014 and 2017. Until the last year of her institution, she joined the Mexican team. Chelsea was proud to represent her family and her culture.

One of Gonzales’ goals is to put the Mexican softball team “on the map” and when asked to join this team, she felt proud of her nationality.

Likewise, one of Chelsea’s activities when visiting Mexico was to participate in training clinics with girls, but during the pandemic she could not meet in person for this activity and had to settle for virtual sessions.

Dallas Escobedo

Meanwhile, Dallas Escobedo, plays as a pitcher and began her career in Tempe with a National Championship in 2011. Upon graduating from ASU and during her second year in US professional leagues, the Mexico team invited her to join this selection. The invitation was proposed by Sashel Palacios.

“She told me: ‘Come play, it’s so much fun!’ and I said, ‘Ok, why not? 2016 was my first series with them and it was in Canada. It was our first tournament for many girls. We finished fifth and our coaches were delighted. For me it was like one of the best tournaments because we did what we wanted and that was our goal ”, he highlighted.

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“I think it’s amazing to be a light for women in softball, and so much more for the country. For me, growing up as a Mexican has always meant being family, always a party, always big and exciting. [Estar] in this scenario it will be great and exciting for the country and for women who perhaps did not think they could be part of a softball team at a professional and international level, “he added.


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