the psychologist called the reason for the strange behavior of Buzova

Olga Buzova

Clinical psychologist Yulia Baranova in an interview with “Interlocutor” called the reason for the behavior of the singer Olga Buzova in the hospital, which seemed strange to many fans.

According to the expert, the star loves to manipulate his weakness and look like a victim in order to attract attention.

Indeed, there is weakness, but all this is more like a simulation and strengthening of the state for pity. The conclusion suggests itself that she was disliked in childhood and really needs it. She doesn’t just have fans, she also wants love from them in the form of pity., — told Baranova.

She believes that because of this complex, Buzova, who has already achieved fame, continues to try with all her might to attract attention to herself, coming up with new problems.

Earlier, Buzova told fans how she was admitted to the hospital and who actually knew about it. The TV presenter angrily turned to those who considered her hospitalization a staging for the sake of hype. She showed her legs tied with bandages, a catheter in a vein for administering drugs.


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