The protagonist of Anne with an And the Stranger Things

Last month Netflix released the first preview of the new season, which will be released sometime this year. And this Wednesday, the brothers Duffer, creators of the series, announced new additions to the story.

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Stranger Things 4 | Eleven? You are listening? | Netflix

One of them is Amybeth McNulty, the young actress who became super known for being the protagonist of Anne with an E, another series that can be seen on Netflix and has three seasons. “Her character is Vicky and she is very important for the new season, We love her performance in Anne with an E and we were dying to work with her,” express the creators of the story in a video that the platform spread on their social networks .

“I am very excited to join the cast, very excited to be at the Upside Down, see you soon,” said the actress.

Furthermore, it was announced that Myles Truitt, Regina Ting Chen Y Grace Van Dien They will also be part of the cast.

After Anne With An E, Amybeth McNulty turned down Game of Thrones for this reason

Anne With An E is one of the few series of Netflix that managed to encompass child abuse, discrimination, abandonment, racism, gender inequality and religion. So much so that, in a short time, both the strip and its protagonist, Amybeth McNulty they were winning the hearts of the users of the platform.

Based on the classic novel Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, Anne With An E shocked the world with his drama and, precisely, the interpretation and charisma of Amybeth McNulty they were the perfect complement to this series. Despite the fact that the actress has a very short career, she has already made it clear that she is ready to open a place in the great Hollywood studios.

However, in 2019 both Netflix and CBC announced that, after the third season Anne With An E it was going to be canceled. And, as much as the fans were dissatisfied, the series was stopped producing due to an unknown dispute in the production companies that owned this story. That is why, now, many miss McNulty on the small screen.

But, apparently, the one who has no intention of returning to the set is the same artist. Is that, after giving life to Anne Shirley, many directors wanted to have her presence in their series, but they did not succeed. What’s more, one of those who received the denial of this Irish woman was Game Of Thrones.

Even so, the refusal of Amybeth for working in GOT he has a fair explanation, which his fans could love. With only 19 years old, This young artist is considered a great defender of animals, so wearing fur coats would break all her convictions and, to be part of the HBO series, this type of clothing is essential.

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