the priority will be the most powerful forces on earth

2021 is the year of the next step.

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

2020, according to numerology, was the foundation and foundation for a whole decade. It seems that it happened – life will not be the same. What awaits us in 2021? This question was answered by Barnaul numerologist Vyacheslav Klasinrevealing the secrets of numbers.

– 2021 is a step. The task of each of us is to hear ourselves from within, to understand ourselves through the heart and intuition, and to see the true essence of things. The coming year adds up to the number 5, which is responsible for the most powerful forces on earth: emotions, love, kindness, inspiration and beauty. At the beginning of the year, I advise you to write down your values, they will be the foundation throughout the year. Health will depend on how much you value, love, respect yourself, do it profitable for yourself, – says Klasin.

On the topic of relationships, you can try everything: create and build relationships, or end them. Don’t make money too important. Chasing them will not bring you success. Better to clearly define how much and why you need it.

In 2021, you need to change the type of activity if your heart has been asking for this for a long time, but you should not rush things too much, such decisions must be made not in an instant, but deliberately.

January is a time to think

First the new year, and later and holidays – this is a good time to put everything in its place. The numbers advise you to devote time to reflection, not action.

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– Dedicate this time to communication with yourself, generate ideas and make long-term plans, says the numerologist.

February – get down to business!

In February, you need to mobilize all your resources and begin to actively implement everything you have planned, and you will understand how to correctly implement the ideas that you came up with in January.

March – money month

This is a good time to make long-term deals, start new projects. Any ideas that come this month, mark and write down, they will still participate in organizing your cash flow.

April is the wind of change

It is necessary to bring something new into your life: boundaries, laws and rules in life and business. Build your brand.

May – inspiration

As well as emotions and love. This month you need to use all the power of emotions and inspiration, it’s like gasoline in a car, you need to charge yourself and those around you until the end of the year.

June – professionalism

You can see the first results of your March efforts. It is worth summing up the interim results of the first half of the year. Basic qualities: core, charisma, self-esteem, structuring, logic, knowledge of one subject to the depth, perspective vision, systematization.

July – self-discovery

Relaxation and intuition are the main tools for the whole month. Your assistants are places of power, nature, forest, reservoirs. It’s time to be alone, don’t make quick decisions.

August is the month of infinity

The month is perfect for resolving old problems and concluding new deals. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility for the outcome. You will have a native and intuitive understanding of situations and actions of people.

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September – harvest time

It is possible to get the maximum amount of results from the applied effort. Make the most of your investment every day. One day – one goal, and then not only the next three months will be mega-productive, but also the next year.

October – plan!

It will be important to talk about your ideas out loud more often, no matter if they hear you or not.

November – implementation

There will be an opportunity to implement your plans in October, people will come who will be interested in your ideas and will be ready to follow you further.

December – double result

The culmination of all efforts in 2021. It is during this period that every situation must be looked at from two sides – reason and emotions, then it will be possible to make the right decision and achieve the set goals.


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