The Power of We

The first exhibition of photographs by We, Women of a series of large-scale traveling public exhibits was launched at Brooklyn Bridge Park on July 13.

Highlighting 17 unique photographic projects from various corners of the country with grassroots community engagement, led by women and gender non-conforming artists

In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential elections and subsequent women’s marches, a number of grassroots organizations grew out of mutual frustration over the country’s deep political divisions over issues of economy, race, genre and beyond. We, Women is one such organization, dedicated to promoting action and dialogue through art.

We, Women was founded to amplify the voices of women and gender nonconforming in a time of division and distrust of politics. The project, presented by Photoville and Women Photograph, provides funding and mentorship to visual artists who combine photography with community engagement to reframe social and political issues.

In July, We’s first public outdoor traveling exhibit, Women: The Power of We, will launch with an exhibit at Brooklyn Bridge Park opening later this summer in Anchorage, Alaska, in partnership with the Anchorage Museum. , and will then be presented in Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans over the following year. The first exhibit shines a light on 17 impactful projects, which examine issues central to the minds of many Americans: immigration, education, climate change, race, motherhood and family, gun control, health care, religion, law reform. criminal justice, gentrification, sexual assault, etc. .

The founders of We, Women describe the exhibition: “We have selected artists whose contributions all demonstrate that there is potential for a different future for this country. These artists all combine photography and community engagement to maximize visibility and impact. The free and accessible public exhibition consists of 115 meters of captivating images that will reach hundreds of thousands of people.

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We, Women: The Power of We includes contributions from a cross-section of artists who all create socially engaged projects from different corners of the country. Arin Yoon, a military wife based in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, tries to bridge the gap between civilian and military populations, and challenges media stereotypes of the military. Katie Basile’s Dear Newtok project focuses on the Yukon-Kushokwin Delta in southwest Alaska, which is one of the first areas in the United States to undergo forced relocation due to the climate crisis.

Sol Aramendi’s practice centers on working with immigrant communities in New York City and highlights images documenting their daily life, work, and self-help circles. While Bethany Mollenkof focused on documenting pregnant black women in the South, when she found out she was pregnant for the first time shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, she turned the lens on his own personal journey.

The full list of artists included in the Brooklyn exhibit is:

  • Sol Aramendi – New York: Immigration
  • Katie Basile – Alaska: Climate Change
  • Cinthya Santos Briones – New Jersey: Immigration and Detention
  • Koral Carballo, Anita Pouchard Serra, Jessica Ávalos – Washington Metropolitan Area, DC: migration
  • Deborah Espinosa – Washington State: Criminal Justice and Classroom
  • Annie Flanagan + Ashley Teamer – Louisiana: Representation in sport
  • Tailyr Irvine – Montana: Indigenous Rights
  • Tonika Johnson – Illinois: Segregation, Inequality and Race
  • Ericka Jones-Craven – Georgia: Religious Tolerance, Sexuality and Gender
  • Stacy Kranitz – Tennessee: Rural Health Care
  • Muna Malik – Minnesota: Immigration and Religious Freedom
  • Bethany Mollenkof – Alabama: Maternal Health
  • Rosem Morton – Maryland: Sexual Assault
  • Kameelah Janan Rasheed – California: Community change and preservation of local histories
  • Karen Miranda Rivadeneira – Seneca Nation in Salamanca and Cattaraugus: Water conservation
  • Mayela Rodriguez – Michigan: Latinx Communities and Political Participation
  • Arin Yoon – Kansas: Military Families and War
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The work is displayed along the building fences surrounding the Empire Fulton Lawn directly under the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The exhibition kicked off on Tuesday July 13 and will be on view until September 12, 2021.

We Women is presented by Photoville and Women Photograph

Exhibition from July 13 to September 12, 2021

Empire Fulton Lawn à Brooklyn Bridge Park

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