The plane caught fire in the sky over the Netherlands: part of the engine fell on a person – news on UNN

KIEV. February 22. UNN. Metal fragments of the engine of a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane fell on the territory of the Dutch community of Mersen after it caught fire in the sky. He writes about it UNN with reference to the NL Times.


The Boeing 747-400 cargo plane was traveling from Maastricht Airport to New York, after takeoff its engine caught fire. Then some parts of the plane began to fall to the ground. One part of the plane fell on an elderly woman, she was injured. In addition, several cars were damaged.

In this regard, the aircraft made a forced landing in the Belgian city of Liege.

The Netherlands Security Council is currently investigating the incident in cooperation with local authorities and emergency services.

We will remind

A part of the engine of a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 fell off during the flight. The wreckage of the plane fell on apartment buildings in Broomfield, Colorado.

A T-38 military jet crashed in the US state of Alabama on February 20. Two pilots on a training mission were killed.

A King Air 350 military plane crashed near the international airport of the Nigerian capital Abuja on Sunday afternoon, February 21. No one survived on board.


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