The Mayakovsky Theater will host the premiere of a play based on Moliere’s play “School for Wives” | News | OTP

Moliere’s “School of Wives” in modern translation. The premiere on Saturday at 6 pm will be shown by the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. According to OTR, the performance was staged by its artistic director Mindaugas Karbauskis.

The director turned to the translation made by the poet and publicist Dmitry Bykov. He managed to adapt the poetic vocabulary of the 17th century for modern times. But the plot remained unchanged.

The main character, wealthy Mr. Arnolf, decides to get married. Panic fear of betrayal, he brings up his future wife from a poor girl who grew up in a monastery, and hopes for her purity, naivety and ingenuousness.

The role of Arnolf is performed by People’s Artist of Russia Anatoly Lobotsky. His pupil Agnes is played by the actress Natalya Palagushkina.

Anatoly Lobotsky, People’s Artist of Russia: “It seems to me much more interesting to play Moliere in modern language. Not because we want to bring it closer to the topic of the day. Then we would have dressed in ties, jacket pairs. “

Natalia Palagushkina, actress: “Of course it was difficult. Because to me, it’s not my nature, or something. That is, I am so all … I could have played it like that, but Mindaugas is all the same for tenderness and love. “

The School for Wives is the fifth premiere of the Mayakovsky Theater this season, but not the last. The play “Innovators” based on the book of the same name by Walter Isaacson is being prepared for release.


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