The low-cost FlyPop plans to operate from the UK to India

The British company is awaiting the end of the restrictions, but does not know if it will start service in July or October

Flights from UK to India

The British low-cost company FlyPop plans to soon offer a long-haul flight service to Amritsar and Ahmeddabad (India) from the United Kingdom, as indicated by the founder of the company Mr. Nino Singh Judge. The company does not rule out covering other Indian cities in the future.

Hesitations and negotiations

The plan for flights to India has not yet been finalized, several points remain unresolved. FlyPop has yet to decide whether it will start flights as early as July 2021, or whether it will wait for certification, and start in October. The company must also determine from which UK airport its flights will depart. Heathrow was excluded, because of the airport taxes too high. FlyPop is in negotiations with London Stansted, London Gatwick, and Birmingham International airports. Other negotiations are underway with Airbus and Boeing to obtain nearly 10 leased aircraft.

International ambitions

The founder of FlyPop has also indicated that he wants to expand the company’s activities to other geographic areas. North America, the Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia


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