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Last Friday Valentine and Leonid Lobanovs celebrated their golden wedding. On June 2, they again became bride and groom, and exactly fifty years later, the same exciting solemn ceremony as the first one took place in the Urai registry office. Relatives and friends gathered to congratulate the family.

Valentina Andreevna is an active participant in public life, a bearer of the traditional culture of indigenous northerners, a member of the veteran club “Revival”. Leonid Dmitrievich is a forest connoisseur, fisherman and hunter. He supports his spouse in everything, participates in the preparation of folklore holidays, master classes, makes props, toys, hunting traps and fishing tackle.

They have two children – Andrey and Anna. Leonid Dmitrievich passed on to his son a love of nature, forest wisdom, the secrets of hunting and fishing, teaches his grandson Semyon how to make samolovs. And Valentina Andreevna, together with her daughter and granddaughters, is engaged in folk art, folklore, and needlework.

The common hobby of the spouses is the dacha. On the first days of May, they leave the city and welcome their children and grandchildren there until late autumn.

Today, the happy family of Leonid and Valentina Lobanov has five grandchildren and a great-grandson. Nephews with their children are frequent guests in their house.

By personal example, spouses demonstrate the strength of marriage ties and family values, take an active part in raising grandchildren, as their parents once did, maintaining the cultural connection between generations and respect for elders.

They see the main success of their life in happy parenting, rejoice in the attention of children and are proud of the achievements of their grandchildren.

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– They are for me in almost everything – an example to follow. The model, I would say, is ideal, practically unattainable, – says Anna Izyumova, daughter of the heroes of the day. – And this allows you to keep yourself in good shape, improve – in order to please them. I think their main secret is in the traditions that were passed on both in the father’s family and in the mother’s family and once harmoniously united. Their relationship is even, and there is no dissonance in them. They do not flaunt their feelings, but they experience everything in themselves. All emotions – in fact, strong and deep – they hold together.

And they absolutely complement each other, like two halves of a single whole.

– The golden wedding is a triumph of patience, intelligence, wisdom and great sincere love, – the head of the registry office Larisa Mozgovaya congratulated the heroes of the day.

“Only people who have a sense of love, empathy, sympathy, faith, understanding and everything that unites loving hearts can live together for so many years,” the deputy head of the city Elena Podbutskaya joined her, congratulating the heroes of the day on behalf of the head of the city.

Well, friends from the Renaissance club held a northern wedding ceremony.

– We wish you to continue to live bright and good days, so that both children and grandchildren follow your example. We wish you to appreciate all the good that was and is in your life, and to maintain respect and love for each other for many, many years. Health to you, dear, dear ones, live with God, with guardian angels, – a traditional wish was voiced.

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– He came to his sister, to our village Tyuli, Khanty-Mansiysk region, from Yagodnoye, which is next to Uray, – maybe for romance, maybe looking for happiness, but I just returned from advanced training courses, – this is how Valentina Andreevna tells about first meeting with the betrothed. – I was in the first-aid post, and the paramedic told me that the firewood was about to be brought up – you’ll show me where to dump it. I hear – the car is humming. I left. He looked at me and dumped everything manually.

And in the evening I went to the club – we showed a movie every day. And everyone had their place there. It turned out that I was late, was on a call, and my seat was taken. It was him again.

Then I did not meet him for a long time – Leonid lived with his sister a few kilometers from the village, as if on a farm. And then a challenge – her daughter, his niece, fell ill. She came, and there he was.

At first, he didn’t like our collective farm – the car was old, and he disappeared all the time for repairs in a neighboring village. I came home only for the weekend. And he was about to return to his Yagodny. And in the end, he stayed for twelve years.

He took care of me for only six months, – she says. – Then he came and said: that’s enough, you have to go to the village council to submit an application. It was the first of May, and right after the holiday, we wrote a statement and signed on June 2.

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– How did you arrive in Urai?

– His parents were already aged, they began to grow up, so every year we came to Yagodny. And then it turned out that there was a free space nearby – we were already working at the dock in the river fleet, I was a dispatcher, he was a skipper, and at the eighty-third we arrived in Urai.

– What is the secret of family longevity? – I ask Leonid Dmitrievich.

“In love and affection,” he says. – So we lived and live without thinking – day after day, year after year.

– I like everything about him, – says Valentina Andreevna about her wife. – His care, help, his valuable thoughts and good advice, which he shares.

– What advice would you give to newlyweds who are just starting their family life? – I asked Valentina Andreevna.

– You just need to understand each other and listen. To live in perfect harmony, which means to do everything mutually. If everyone starts pulling in their own direction, like a swan, a crayfish and a pike, nothing good will come of it. And we still have to give in. Even if I don’t like his idea now, it is better either to just keep silent, or to gently suggest: maybe we will do it differently? And then it will definitely turn out the way it is right.

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