The law fell on him! They catch her full of drugs in Nogales

NOGALES, ARE.- US federal authorities reported on Friday the seizure of narcotics in two separate cases, one of them involving a woman, who was driving a vehicle loaded with drugs.

On the one hand, the director of Field Operations in the Tucson Sector, Guadalupe H. Ramírez, announced that in the course of two days in a row, at the San Luis, Arizona border, elements of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, for its acronym) secured just over 130 kilograms.

Of these, 106 kilos of methamphetamine were placed inside a vehicle, while another 24 kilos of white powder and fentanyl coffee, in another unit.

The drugs were taken from inside the gas tank, from the rear quarters, from the rear bumper and even from filler in a spare tire of the two cars.

On the other hand, John R. Modlin, acting head of the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol, reported that the agents assigned to the Ajo Station, discovered a shipment of cocaine and methamphetamine, which weighed 12.2 kilos.

This was discovered inside a rented vehicle, which was driven by a woman originally from California and who was intercepted near Gila Bend, Arizona. In both cases, the identities were not released, nor further details of the seizures, as it was a federal case under investigation.

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