The Kyshtym collective “Yashlek” has been singing through life for two decades

The people’s Tatar-Bashkir collective “Yashlek” presented a festive program dedicated to its 20th anniversary.

As the head of the team, Rozaliya Ismagilova, told the site “KR”, today 12 people are engaged in it. I also really want an accordion player to come to the ensemble.

From the day of its foundation, the Sidikov and Islamov families, as well as the soloist Gulsira Istamgulova, have been singing in “Yashlek”.

“When we united into a team, a lot of people came to us, but over time their enthusiasm dried up, and the most persistent remained,” says Gulsira Istamgulova, chairman of the Bashkir Kurultai in the Kyshtym city district. – We tried to sing old songs that were performed by our parents. The main topic was about the native village, about beauty and love. We heard one of the songs on the way to Bashkiria, recorded the melody on the phone, and, returning to Kyshtym, learned it. Translated into Russian, it means “Beautiful”.

For two decades, “Yashlek” has become known and loved not only in his native Kyshtym, but also beyond its borders. The team performed at holidays in Chelyabinsk, Argayashsky and Ashinsky districts, in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Note that the collective is engaged not only in promoting song culture, but also participates in sabantuys: in Kyshtym and Chelyabinsk, they hold honoring of golden anniversaries and memorial evenings. The XXVIII All-Russian Bazhov Festival of Folk Art will be held in the Plastovsky District on June 18-20. “Yashlek” will present the folk custom of “melt water” at the festival and demonstrate its luxurious yurt.

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More recently, a younger group has appeared in the collective – children perform Bashkir dances.


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