The incredible fact that the mother of Alaska is unbelievable

America, which has become an icon in recent years, has reached 92 years with an enviable energy

Oblivion Gara, better known as, Alaska for almost five decades he has been a star of music and television in this country. However, his mother, AmericaWithout being a singer, she has also achieved stardom. And it is that this petite woman has become an essential character in the most important moments of her daughter’s life and has squandered complicity with Mario Vaquerizo, whom she loves as if he were her own son.

Today, America, that great woman who has a strength and vitality awesome meets 92 years And the truth is that she deserves more than one tribute for being an icon. And it is that without a doubt where we met the mother of Alaska the most was in the reality show that the marriage carried out, ‘Alaska and Mario’, where we could see the great generosity of that woman who has lived so much and whose years do not weigh on her, quite the opposite.

In order to Mario always has been like a motherIn fact, he has come to confess that he looks more like her than his wife, Alaska, who is his daughter. And the singer is calmer and also has a very good relationship with Vaquerizo’s parents because they are slower and not as nervous as him.

Be that as it may, I hope you continue to enjoy America for many more years because it is to see it and a smile is drawn on your face, an example of how to reach 92 years with that vitality that overflows from every pore of your skin. Congratulations America!


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