The first honorary badges “Family, love, fidelity” were presented in Aniva district

14:52 June 18, 2021

Holidays, Aniva

In Aniva district, couples who celebrated 50 and more years of married life were congratulated.

The head of the region Artyom Lazarev presented the honorary badges of the Sakhalin region “Family, love, fidelity” to families that have been married for more than half a century.

– Family life is a lot of work. It is always accompanied by ups and downs, the triumph of victories and the bitterness of failure. One of the greatest merits of the “adult family” is the worthy overcoming of all difficulties. Thanks to this, the union of couples becomes stronger, and people become closer to each other. Loyalty to the family, respect, constant support and tireless care for each other, the ability to forgive and, of course, love – this is what allowed you not to extinguish the fire of the family hearth and live all these years in love and harmony, – the mayor addressed with words of sincere respect to the heroes District Artyom Lazarev.

Last year, Governor Valery Limarenko signed a decree approving the honorary badge of the Sakhalin Region “Family, Love, Loyalty”. This year 35 Aniva families will be awarded with such a badge for the first time.

– Dear Anivchane, you are the first swallows whom we honor with this sign. For so long we have been striving for such a sign in the Sakhalin region. After all, you are receiving these awards truly deserved. I am sincerely glad to congratulate you on this significant event. Happy holiday, dear ones, – the head of the Aniva registry office Elena Shvaika turned to the heroes of the occasion.

On the occasion of the solemn event, the Anivsky district house of culture prepared a small concert program for the heroes of the day. At the end of the event, the heroes of the day made a joint photo, according to IA Sakh.kom with reference to the press service of the Aniva administration.

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