the fetus moves its eyes rapidly

Around the 35th week of pregnancy, the nervous system of the future baby is already highly developed. So much so, that in some scientific studies it has been observed that the fetus produces Rapid Eye Movements at some times while sleeping. This indicates that the fetus is already capable of dreaming, but what does the baby dream about in the womb?

In week 35 of pregnancy, the brain and head of the future baby are already the same size as they will be at birth.

So for the rest of the pregnancy, the brain and head of the fetus will no longer grow. The fact that the head stops growing is logical, since it has to fit through the vaginal canal in the part.

In addition, the bones of the body of the fetus are hardening. But the bones of the head are the least hardened.

This also has its explanation in the fact that the head has to be able to pass through the vaginal canal in childbirth and, for this, the bones of the same have to be relatively flexible.

In this week of pregnancy, the fetus weighs about 2,400 grams and measures 47 cm, approximately.

In this article on week 35 of pregnancy:

Development of the fetus at week 35 of pregnancy

The fetus at week 35 of pregnancy

The fetus at week 35 of pregnancy

Around the 35th week of pregnancy, the development of the fetal neural system is well advanced.

So much so that in some studies it has been shown that, at this stage of pregnancy, the fetus produces Rapid Eye Movements at times while you sleep.

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Rapid Eye Movements occur in the phase in which dreams occur.

Therefore, it could be deduced that the fetus can dream before birth. What nobody knows is what the fetus dreams about.

This is a sign of the great development of the nervous system of the fetus and, therefore, of the newborn, later.

***> In these weeks the head the baby has reached its maximum size.

Besides the lanugo that had not yet been shed from the previous week will continue to shed.

However, the hair may have reached 5 cms. long and will be very similar to the one you have when you were born. Also the nails they will have grown and although they will be very soft they will cover the fingers.

The baby at this time is capable of grab with his hands and he does this with the umbilical cord that is sometimes held tightly.

The Pupils they react to light and expand and contract if they receive light sources through their mother’s gut.

Symptoms of the pregnant woman in the 35th week of pregnancy

The 35-week pregnant woman may experience some difficulty breathing. This is a normal symptom, associated with the enlarged uterus already occupying part of the cavity in which the lungs are located.

This causes that the amount of air fits in the lungs is less. Therefore, the pregnant woman feels like she is short of air, that she breathes worse.

The Breathing exercises taught in childbirth courses can be helpful in relieving the sensation of shortness of breath during the last weeks of pregnancy.

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Around this week of pregnancy, the woman should have the pre-anesthesia tests, which are made up of a blood test and an EKG. The report of the result of these tests must be presented at the time of delivery.

**> The mother’s organism transfers provisional immunity against childhood diseases such as measles waves mumps, andThis transmission is through the placenta.

Preparing for breastfeeding

Starting this month, it is likely that the little dots around the areola will increase in size on the mother’s nipples. Montgomery glands that during lactation they will secrete an oily substance to protect the nipple from infections during lactation, while lubricating them.

It can also happen that the nipples become retiganIn that case, they can be massaged with the index finger and thumb to restore their normal state.

Inside the breasts, the production of hormones such as estrogens Y progesterone that stimulate the system to make possible Breastfeeding.

In turn, the glandular tissue will increase and the network of breast ducts it will grow due to the action of the pregnancy hormones.

The entire mammary system will be preparing so that when the time comes it is up and running and the mother can feed her child.

Ultrasounds in this period

They will serve to know the adequate growth of the fetus and the anatomy, the amount of fluid will be shaved amniotic, the situation of the placenta, the umbilical cord and the placement of the fetus within the uterus.

Video of this week of pregnancy

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