The Fabelsmans: Who will play young Steven Spielberg? The casting is open

Michelle Williams will have a role inspired by the filmmaker’s mom, Paul Dano by her dad and Seth Rogen by her favorite uncle.

Casting director Cindy Tolan posted an ad in Hollywood to find two young actors to play the same character, Sammy, at different ages, in The Fabelmans. Steven Spielberg fans quickly made the connection with the filmmaker’s next film, a fiction directly inspired by his youth in Arizona, and which was until now untitled.

We already knew that Michelle Williams reportedly plays a character who strongly resembles her mom, opposite Paul Dano in a role evoking his father and Seth Rogen as a man inspired by his favorite uncle. This casting announcement confirms that the film will take place over a long period of time, with Sammy’s first performer expected to be between 6 and 8, and the second between 14 and 18.

For Steven Spielberg, cinemas will never die

The title also immediately evokes this promise of fiction inspired by reality: The Fabelmans is certainly the last name of the protagonists, and the association of the words « fable » and “Man” recalls the career of Steven Spielberg, storyteller in cinema for half a century. This project is very personal for the filmmaker, who has worked on it for over 20 years, first with his sister Anne Spielberg. He had as a working title After School then Growing Up and I’ll Be Home. Eventually, he co-wrote this latest version with Tony Kushner (Munich, Lincoln, West Side Story). Note that this is the first time since A.I., in 2001, that Spielberg was writing one of his films.

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Before The Fabelmans, the director will return next December with his version of the musical West Side Story. Here is his trailer:

Steven Spielberg: “Ready Player One is my time convector”


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