“The disease is stressful”: Medical Association promotes vaccination

The syringe on the market square or in front of the shopping center: In the coming week, the vaccination rate is to be increased nationwide with special campaigns. According to Martina Wenker, head of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony, Covid-19 is currently almost only affecting people who have not been vaccinated.

[Hannover – ]In view of the fourth wave of Corona, the President of the Medical Association of Lower Saxony, Martina Wenker, called on people to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as quickly as possible. “The disease is extremely stressful,” said the pulmonologist who works in a Hildesheim hospital. There are currently nine Covid 19 patients in her clinic, four of them in the intensive care unit. Eight of them are not vaccinated. Wenker emphasized that these patients between the ages of 30 and 60 should not have been hit. Vaccinated adults also protect those who cannot be vaccinated, such as children under the age of twelve.

A nationwide week of action will start on Monday (September 13th) to increase the population’s willingness to vaccinate. A huge poster was attached to the facade of the new building for the Medical Association in Hanover, advertising the corona vaccination under the motto “Together we are stronger”. You can also imagine influencers on YouTube to educate people about vaccinations instead of advertising cosmetic products, said the President of the Medical Association.

On the other hand, Wenker believes that stricter requirements for unvaccinated people to exert pressure are the wrong way to go. She believes that anyone who is categorically against vaccination cannot be convinced. “We have to reach the undecided,” said Wenker. The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, had spoken out in favor of a nationwide expansion of access options only for vaccinated and convalescent – but not for those who tested negative. [dpa]

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