“The desert is treacherous”; They call to avoid crossing illegally into the United States

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NOGALES, ARE.– The Border Patrol made an alert to avoid crossing illegally into the American Union through the southern Arizona desert, due to the high temperatures that are already registered in the region.

With the forecast high heat well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 centigrade), The United States’ reliance on the Tucson sector urges border crossers not to wait before it is too late, call the 911 And live to see another day

The desert is vast and treacherous. When you cross illegally, you put your life in incredible danger”, Alerts the exhortation.

To avoid death or the risk of permanent injury from severe dehydration, a person walking through the Arizona desert in the heat of summer should consume no less than two gallons of water per day.

A gallon of water weighs more than three kilograms (more than 8 pounds); Thus, it is physically impossible for the average person to carry enough water to avoid dehydration potentially mortal over the course of several days in the desert.

Migrants who are injured or lost and who have a cell phone should call 911.

This is your best chance to be rescued. If you call someone else, you’re wasting your battery. That cell phone battery is your life.

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