The Day Before – Le MMO de survie The Day Before esquisse son gameplay

Long in development, The Day Before sketches its gameplay and presents itself as a survival MMO immersing players in a vast open world populated by zombies.

In 2019, the Fntastic studio quietly indicated that it was working on the development of a major survival game – after signing the mobile game Radiant One and the atypical The Wild Eight which placed the player in the shoes of the survivor of a crash deep in Alaska.
Today, the mysterious survival game in development for a few years is finally revealed under the title The Day Before and is presented as an MMO.

At this point, the developer still delivers little detail but in The Day Before, the player wakes up in an America (with the false air of The Division) hit by a pandemic that turns the “infected” into a horde of zombies. It will be necessary to explore this vast open world, on foot or thanks to vehicles, and find the resources necessary for its survival (in particular the weapons that we are told are realistic), sometimes by searching the houses and skyscrapers of urban areas, sometimes by venturing into vast wilderness.
Obviously, it will also be necessary to reckon with the other survivors (the other players). Some will be hostile, others may perhaps become companions of survival. According to the developer, “colonies of survivors” dot the game universe as so many safe areas where players can exchange with each other and trade (and obviously taking the form of social hubs).


The developer does not specify the number of players gathered on the same server, but it should be noted that the studio is betting on a Gameplay

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English term difficult to translate designating both the rules governing the game and the enjoyment of the game. An MMOG with innovative gameplay will offer a unique gaming experience to the player. Likewise, a game that claims “good gameplay” will be fun and engaging.

“> gameplay based on interactions between players. While waiting to learn more, the game sketches its gameplay in a first trailer and already has its presentation page on Steam parallel to an official website for now a bit minimalist.


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